What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


what is it? looks kind of neat!


I’m just making a demo html page for a bar chart API I’m making. It’s mostly for practice. But I’m trying to make it as good as possible.


Time to dominate…


BBQ time! :beers::slightly_smiling_face:


listening to music, coding a web3 new earth


legit! i like building with music. only way to do it.


yes sir… I really love all music sometimes its some futuristic house or dub sometimes a new hip hop mixtape, makes me more creative…






The project is Almost Done! How’s it look?
It’s pretty close to done… Just a couple of confusing features to implement, anyways here’s a sample.


Weekend grind…


i love that you’re sharing these things. So cool. So, what exactly is it?


So it’s basically a bar chart API that other developers can use to create bar charts. To use it all one would need to do is link it as a script in their head of their html document and then create a new instance of the class and pass it a bunch of options that I’ll outline in GitHub. For now it’s not perfect because it will override alot of the other styles on the webpage , I’m honestly not sure how to remedy that but I’ll link the GitHub once I’ve written the readme.
Edit: the API is in JavaScript and is implemented as a class.


Few suggestions:

You can generate html #ids dynamically for your content only using javascript.
Have unique #ids for your content and add to your css file.
Depending on the complexity, you can even create inline css(this is usually ugly and it does not adhere with web semantics & not preferred).


My son, Adam, is up to is again - installing fancy headlights. I am setting up the old Ledger Nano S that I never did get around to last year…


I’m already dynamically creating classes and IDs, but what I meant was that to set the graph the way it is I need to change the body display property to grid, and that would affect the way other elements are displayed on the page.
Edit: I might try to put it in a container with that display property… Let’s see


Sounds like another language to me! haha


Without seeing any code & elements, it is hard to know what is going on.
Have you seen this before?

It is a pretty neat site. Pretty sure you will find your answers on that site.


Thanks lots I’ll read that right now, and I’ll pass the link to the GitHub in about an hour so you can see it.



so now, hours later, the boys had me at home depot for parts, more friends over for advice, consult me for the part they bought at HD (dremel), made them sandwiches and avocado… and so I’m sitting here… with Ledger in SUSPENSION and I am laughing… I bought this over a year ago… I go so far setting up… here I am … hahahaha not able to complete this task… how EVEN am I SUCCESSFUL at work WHEN I CAN’T BE AT HOME with the boys WHO TAKE MY FULL ATTENTION??? HAHAHA