What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


I need help now… to complete the nano and move over my current holdings


ok soooooo YOU ASKED WHAT I’M DOING TODAY… My daughter dropped by, ate her bf’s avacado. i cleaned plates, short visit, then Adam got called into work with short notice. changed clothes (my daughter left with her bf separate cars), and Adam changed then drove his friend home and went to work. busy house!!! OH Adam covered his car and had to use mine to go to work…


Bcash is at just about 10% of its all time high ($439-$4100) and bitcoin is at 35% of all time high. Bcash is still usable at more retailers and has more use cases (_bitcoin_use cases are growing faster) but I do think bcash is a great buy right now… I feel like XRP will likely pump this week, at 16 billion it feels low enough for a few billion to be thrown in it soonish…


XRP is up 2 billion from my post, and my bcash holding grew by about $45. Had record online sales this weekend as well… things are good. I already have sales items packaged and labeled and after my morning meeting, will be mailed. Time for b90x.


This Is what we like to hear my man :call_me_hand:t2::smiley:


11 New users added to yen today!


welcome @Tamp @PeterStone!!!


Big props to @heavilyarmedclown


When you need a smile…


New Nightmare in fast food hell


Enjoying the sun @ Dusseldorf :sunglasses: Spending a few days here with the guys.


Out to dinner with family soon, one of my grandparents is flipping a decade tomorrow :smile:


Damn. Today is a heads down focus day. Very productive!


Drove home from up North, laid on couch all day watching season 2 of how to make a murderer

US is corrupt as hell :frowning:


Anyang, Peter. New to cryptocurrency. New to this site. Canadian living in Korea. Where should I start…?

Goma Why-yo


Welcome to the pub man!


Start with the B90X and 10daysofbitcoin.com!


Join the Club:sunglasses:
speaking truth…


That is a top 5 movie for me, I love fight club


…Welcome @Temple