What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


I sent you a DM in Discord bro. My channel is called Fight Club. Got 32 pub members


I’m kinda new to discord… ty, one sec


Ill help you with Discord broha, its easy
trying to send you another invite, but I dont see your logo any where.


Pretty sick channel I got going in there. I just started it like a week ago but its gaining popularity pretty quick. People are actually using it to converse.


Working on Cross Platform Social Media Branding/Inergration … and Cooking like a Villain! :drevil:


A day off work with the fam , time to grill and chill :ok_hand:


Everything was cooked on the grill :fire:


Started first day of Bootcamp, this place is awesome!! Pics will come later :wink:


drawing/painting something… epic today :slight_smile:


good to hear that bro


Back down to Birmingham again this week!


A friend was really interested in the B90X challenge and asked me for help yesterday cause the auto-generated translations really suck.
So, I decided to translate the entire challenge day by day to both Arabic and German starting on Friday.
Tho, I’m finding day 12 to day 16 a little more counterproductive currently,

|12| |Coinbase Walkthrough|
|13| |EXODUS Wallet Walkthrough|
|14| |GDAX Exchange Walkthrough and Tutorial|
|15| |BITTREX Exchange Walkthrough and Tutorial|
|16| |COINMARKETCAP.com - A Simple Tool|

Binance, Bitmex and Coinpuffs seriously deserve a spot. The space is emerging really fast you can’t feel it unless you pause and look back.


Join the No Shame Club , LoL



Not like. this… not like this…


YEs, like this all day long my friend: )


this stuff looks so goooooooood.


playing around


I didn’t know you were part of the illuminati…


not sure if this is going to work…