What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?



So, i finally completed week two of the coding bootcamp that i’m enrolled in, and let me just say it is awesome!!! I absolutely love the style of learning, the 12 hour days are suprisingly great, i wake up in the morning and can’t wait to head over to the office/workspace to start working and learning. Up till now we’ve only really created one good project, and this one is supposedly a mini one…
It’s basically a bit.ly clone, that shortens urls, that anyone can use. I’ve also implemented a user login/registration feature, (because this was a backend centric project we mostly focused on server code, so the ui may not be perfect, and also the error messages for certain user interactions were handled from the backend so they display annoyingly…) I ask that some people try it out, ===> try and break it for me and let me know what i can improve.
It’s currently hosted on HEROKU with the url
Thanks for the continued encouragement.


i’d highly recommend that you build your system in a way where people can use the shortener without a login… at least in the beginning. forcing me to create an account isn’t what i would expect.


Ok, well the thing about this assignment is that accounts were a requirement, this wasn’t really a production level application, but I can refactor the assignment in the future. The database is simply two json files, because data persistence wasn’t the point of this application. Everytime i restart the server all data is cleared…
If i have time in the coming weeks ill properly implement a database, and i’m going to write down what you said.


I also forgot to mention that there is a default user for testing
Username: admin@ad.com
Password: root
Use these instead of making an account


Haven’t done a post here in awhile

Weekend pizzas beers and edits


I think Satoshi made a surprise appearance :thinking:


That doesn’t even look like Dorian, lol



Trying to get all caught up form my time without the internet.


Well, I’m in my living room finishing up a brief lunch before I start working on my html5 game via WiMi5.com. ATM I’m working on getting the game event timeline done so I can make sprites, backgrounds and stuff - (gotta keep things in order or I overwhelm myself ><;; ). It’s easy to listen to stuff on crypto while working on more hand-based things like sprite design.


4.68 BILLION in ten minutes…


Visiting our new appartement :slightly_smiling_face:


congrats!!! looks like a fixer-upper!


It’s a new build apartment. Were still waiting on a few walls, a kitchen and a shower room. But It will look amazing!

Don’t forget to visit us when your in Amsterdam :v:


I will! Amazing! What an opportunity!
When will it be done?


@jim85 sir, looking good…


Very exciting!! You get to work on a clean slate. Look forward to seeing how you transform it :slight_smile:


Wow, now that’s a powerful video. Jack Ma reminds me of Peter & John. Let that sink in. It’s HUGE!


We hope to move there Q2 of 2019!