What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Thank you! I will post more pictures if I can visit the construction place again.


Hope with build goes well and gets finished in time pal :+1:t3:


Amsterdam pub meet up?? :thinking:


That will be a nice goal for 2019! :beers:

It’s a shame i have to miss the London meetpunt next month.


Well hopefully if we can arrange one in Amsterdam it might be a good spot for the mainlanders to meet up. I reckon a few from the UK would come. Flights are cheap enough.


We can try to meet up at the Amsterdam blockchain expo next year. https://blockchain-expo.com/europe/
Last year was a lot of fun. We had a small pub meetup there.




So here’s a new project that I just finished at the bootcamp with my team (me + 3 others)
It’s basically a dummy app that works similarly to ritual. Where you can make orders for food from a restaurant before picking it up. Try it out.
Important addendum: the checkout is fake, so don’t give real info, and also if you find any bugs let me know.


Big day today!


Sunday grill time :beer:


Christmas play at school today. Crushing the songs! Yoooo


I am working on getting to San Antonio. Should have driven. Just sitting here on the plane in Dallas.


Working on the ‘Young (Crypto) Entrepreneur’ 2018 candidate biographies and a ETH based smart contract for voting, voting should start DEC 25 and end JAN 1, as of right now it is: Vitalik Buterin, Peter Saddington, Roger Ver (his last year, he is 39 …must be under 40) Brian Armstrong, and Erik Voorhees, with honorable mention to Vlad Tenev, Baiju Bhatt, and Pavel Durov




This is living! Awesome!


Flame :fire: grilling tonight


At home trading right now, loving etherium right now!!!


Christmas Ham :yum:
6 hours till lift off :rofl:


Home with fam , watching netflix … all i need