What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Just got the Anova sous vide for Christmas. Wow! best steak I’ve ever cooked…so easy it feels like cheating.


i’ve had the Anova Precision Sous Vide Cooker with Wifi for over a year now. i don’t cook my steaks any other way. I should change my name from grilling with guns to sous vide with guns lol


Upgraded the hard hat for 2019.


May the games begin :cut_of_meat:


props to @CryptoDad for grilling!!! That barn sauce is something fine on ribs!!! #grillnight #nodirtydishes


I just had to share today. I busted out laughing


Its my Birthday Cryptonation!!! I thank God… its all about Gratitude for the 420 months on this planet. Many more Bitcoins indeed… am committed to change peoples lives this year. 1JFwRrNDYFqcFi4UqTUAGTj8RxPXCkt1je is My #BTC Wallet Address. Thanks in Advance for the Warm Birthday wishes. … Call me a Pro but I am a Master chasing a Monster who is Mega #Epic2019 Am Blessed and highly favored. :bowing_man:‍♂




Sunday grill and chill.


working on that agile culture


Coming back to reality.

Putting in that work.



Planning a long-dreamed-of-trip.


This is it. This is why I CAN.


Dat @TheNewEra


The WHY behind the WHAT @john is doing with Patreon (it’s not a business project anymore):


yes, it’s important to particularly note that this is a small “side project” and experiment I’m running that’s not directly tied to the larger business. this might be a crazy idea…, but i had a pretty sizeable community before i added this one to my network! i do love growing it.



Seriously. This shit.