What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


Planning a long-dreamed-of-trip.


This is it. This is why I CAN.


Dat @TheNewEra


The WHY behind the WHAT @john is doing with Patreon (it’s not a business project anymore):


yes, it’s important to particularly note that this is a small “side project” and experiment I’m running that’s not directly tied to the larger business. this might be a crazy idea…, but i had a pretty sizeable community before i added this one to my network! i do love growing it.



Seriously. This shit.




You see… this is when you know your “social network” is dying… when users (like me)… well, just provide no value.


have you gone on the trip yet? curious why you chose those cities vs others.


Yeah, I live near Leeds and work there. I’d personally have gone for manchester my self

But I guess Leeds is on the east coast mainline straight up to Edinburgh


Those trolls yooooo! LOL Good lord!
Hey thanks for the shout out couple posts above^^^ Really gotta hand it to yo boss, you know what your talking abt for sure: ) Im starting to wake up from naps not knowing where I am. Only time this has happened in the past is due to extreme exhaustion on my part. Fuck that grind is real. Hurts sooo good tho.!


Never been to either.

In a different life, I would imagine I’d be a travel blogger just hopping around taking pictures of things. Always curious when it comes to traveling why/where/what/how about it all when ppl travel.


Both great cities! I’m pretty lucky to be in a few hours of most the major cities in the U.K. tbh


I bet!

Wife and I went to London and the Cotswolds for a day about a year ago. Not nearly enough time! Lovely country you’ve got there and hoping to go back again one day with more time.


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Holy Shit, Only 9 people online. They must on that YEN.io : ) Whats the plan with The Pub Peter?


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Cool. Apoligize for the lame question. Ive been heads down, so Im a bit out of the loop boss; )