What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?


went to my daughters indoor hockey game, laid on couch all day watching youtube, did my OMAD (one meal a day) (lost about 27 pounds in 5 weeks), so enjoyed that one as f00k, tomorrow office crushing it, lots of work ahead, 2019 will be a rocketship for my company


I was needing to update my software licensing system to eradicate some old windows and LAMP servers, so I built my own cryptographic key licensing system in JavaScript for Google sheets and VBA for MS Access/ Excel on windows.
Next up, i think i will attempt to integrate it into a blockchain and basically store the software licenses on blockchain and have my customers look up to the blockchain to retrieve their software license… Now which chain is most efficient???


im in vietnam drinking a tea and eating a burrito lol im having fun


i like the audi the most lol


Still learning a completely new UI 3D modeling program & animation software.
What better to try to learn the UI and UX than with a YEN.io project?

Not rendered yet, or finished for that matter.
Anyone know if the Yenicorn has ears?


I don’t think she has ears…


Very cool @Csider702!!


omg, so cool! keep going!






omg @Csider702… this is so legit af!


taking a 5 hour car drive today (2,5h back and forth) to north of Sweden to do an inspirational speech for 100 students about entrepreneurship


Good luck haz! Hope your keeping well. Still investing?

Hope the business is doing well :+1:t3:


I think I’m starting to get the hang of this program a bit better now.
It seems like the Yenicorn has found something special in the woods tonight…

Here is what the scene looks like in wire frame.

By the way, I don’t know if you want this stuff in this topic anymore or if you would prefer I start another topic?


Yo, that’s awesome brother :yenicorn:


Thanks matey, crushed it.
Nope not investing, just hodling.
Just sold some of my LTC the other day when it was up 30%, as I had booked a trip to the Canary Islands (going in 2 weeks).
Hows life treating you?


New tattoo day


Awesome! Glad to hear it, Im sure you passed on some wisdom. Sign any autographs? :joy:

Jealous mate, would love to be off somewhere hot right now. Instead still grinding it out in the army, getting cold and wet a lot more often then i’d like. But leaving the army soon for hopefully a sunnier lifestyle working as a deckhand on the superyacts.

Personally I am still holding my entire portfolio, BNB, ICX, XRP, and now just started DCAing into Huobi. Will also continue to chip away at adding some BTC to that aswell up to as close as i can get to 1 BTC.

You still feeling optimistic about the space as a whole? I am, i really do believe we’ll get another mania phase in the market at some point. Could take years though…


Nice tattoo max, bottled it though on the :btc: or :icx: :joy:

How you been though big lad?