What'a your favorite exchange?


There are many exchanges out there. Which one do you use and why?


Coinbase, easy to use :bitcoinwings:


Binance - easy to hack :ghost::grin:

Na, still Binance for sure - good volume, good handling, transparent and most time fast communication with customers :+1:


Think Binance is one of the best, though recently I’m concerned about quite frequent news about it suspending activity and etc.


I Trust Binance regardless of any issues they may have experienced, as teething problems are normal and healthy…

Full Credit too the Great Team they have built…


Binance… is there another which acts with such a value & respect of its customer base?


I use many, I don’t have a favorite because they all have issues. Lately I have been trying to use more DEX’s and specifically crypto-bridge, but that’s buggy as hell. I believe people are too trusting of centralized exchanges the way they are too trusting of their centralized banking systems for Fiat. Saying binance is like saying Bank of America is your favorite bank. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I do get it. People want centralized solutions because customer service matters.


I also feel like as a community we are failing if anyone’s saying coinbase is their favorite exchange. We have so far to go.