What's on your bucket list?

Let’s envision that your smartly managed crypto investments have done you well, and you’ve already taken profits for the top priorities in life, perhaps paying off all your debt, securing and/or maintaining your home, making sure you & your loved ones are cared for. You have hopefully made sure that you are physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually fit. You have reduced or practically eliminated past stress and are happy and excited for the rest of your life.

What’s next on your bucket (or lived) list?

(Things to keep us motivated to make good choices as we build our portfolios and watch our net worth go up)


Oooooh… I have so many…! But a lot of them are outrageous.

Most of my bucket list includes places to visit and see. I have not traveled as much as I would like!!


I’m looking forward to that Pub meet up in Korea that loads of peeps have been talking about a few weeks back.

After that, too much stuff to do I haven’t planned that far yet.


I have always wanted to own a mega Lakeside cabin or something in Canada or somewhere like that - basically anywhere with a massive lake. Learn how to Snowboard, snowboard into my Cabin, take my clothes off and chill the fuck out in my hot tub which overlooks the lake.

Don’t even know if those places exist but if they do that would be pretty feckin sweet.


I have a lot of things on my list!

Here are a few: Alinea restaurant in Chicago, Flat Iron Room whiskey bar in Manhattan right after flying out of Toronto from my train ride out of Vancouver on “The Canadian,” Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, a Green Bay game, some epic Harley ride like Route 66, Nashville and the XM Happy Hour, Parrot Key resort, Little Palm Island Resort (the keys), the NFR, Reno rodeo, Napa Valley, Alaska, Burning Man, Banff Upper Hot Springs Hotel & Lake Louise with Lake Agnes Tea House, Barcelona, Sardinia, Morocco, Greece, France, the Alps, Brussels, Ireland, Dublin on St. Patty’s Day, Isle of Man TT, Krakow, Istanbul, Kyoto’s Nishiki Market for some Kuromame chocolate, Bangkok and have custom designer clothing made for cheap, Fiji, Croatia, Prague, Bali, Maldives, Cuba, a nude beach, sex on the beach (hey, we don’t have beaches in South Dakota), live in a foreign country, learn an new language and spend and extended period of time in that culture, become BFFs with Anthony Bourdain, sexy couples’ photo shoot, work on my golf game, play guitar like a pro, paint my Road King, get back to expert level on the slopes. I’ve already checked off skydiving, tattoos, the Harley, a crotch rocket, skinny dipping, Disneyworld, a new car, paying it forward, and some other unmentionables.

I’ve got a few things to get done and I know a lot will now, thanks to crypto!!!


Mosquitos the size of sessnas out there.

For me, I’d keep doing what I’m doing and probably buy a few more bourbons at obscene prices. Then a week in Tokyo followed by a week in Kyoto. Thats about it.


Alinea is definitely worth the $$$ :smiley:


Love this topic. Right now it’s doing a cross country road trip, with or without someone else, going through Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Kentucky, more of the south and couchsurfing and just going into dive bars and talking to various people there. I live in California, and grew up in a bubble, and would love the opportunity to get to know America itself, and how the rest of America thinks in its various parts. Often times the media portrays people in various parts of America in a certain way, and I know there’s more going on in the picture that they don’t cover, and the situation more complicated than what is presented.

I’ve never had this kuromame chocolate you speak of! I never even heard of it before, need to check it out.


That sounds like a great trip! I’m sure that the chocolate was something my future BFF Anthony Bourdain mentioned on one of his shows :grin:


If your bucket list isn’t outrageous…you need to dream a bit bigger darling.

Cheers to having outrageous things on the bucket list.

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First of all, access to a private jet so I don’t have to deal with the hell that is commercial air travel.

Now that the world has internet and crypto, the last big thing that individuals need to be self-sufficient is Free Energy. That’s a tough one, maybe impossible but it’s what we need. Something along the lines of cold fusion or other “impossible” tech. Imagine every house having its own 50kw generator that’s free or almost free to run and takes no (or little) refueling. With free power you also get clean drinking water condensed from the air.

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