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Yo! Been a big fan for nearly a year now. I wanted to reach out to peter to expand/respond to the latest claim/position re:- Bloomberg, and marketing etc. he made mention that he wasn’t ready. But when you are, I would love to have a chat. When yen diggerty IO feel its time and you want exclusives on Reuter’s/the business debate, financial times etc perhaps with a documentary which we then blow up round the world with influencers/programmatic buying. Or you want to sponsor an F1 team, host at the Masters or the Superbowl, get access to the senior team at Rocknation I’m your one stop man… have been in advertising for 20 years, started with 2 desks and 1 computer… I jumped ship 4 years ago but the beast continues, 250+ staff around the world…


glad you’re here @Bizzle!

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