Where are you everyday?


Hi :wave::wave:

Where do you work? :thinking::thinking:

Where do you spend the majority of your time ?

Send pictures and explain your job and place :wink:


Wind turbine technician
Ontario Canada

What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?

i had this massive thread a while ago and itโ€™s still going strong!


Yeah i only seen it after I posted this. Tried to remove thread but I dont think I can .


Ontario whatup! I like to too get High at work aswell in more ways than one though


Hahahhaha yeeeeeeeaaaaa buddy! I hear ya, I hear ya.


Must be hot roofing!! shiiitttt


No Way! I live in Ontario and worked on those Turbines. Are they the ones down in the Niagara area?


Weird. I live right by those turbines in the Niagara area. :thinking:


Korean BBQ meet up in Niagara area haha ?


Haha no way! Thatโ€™s awesome! No, they are midwestern Ontario.


Not in Niagara area :slight_smile:


I think thatโ€™s something we should definitely do Haha


Which company did you work for?


Drone survey. Mining Area C, Western Australia.

Technically Iโ€™m not here everyday, working 9 days on 15 days off. I had to come out of crypto retirement early to make some more fiat to buy more bitcoin.


I work for an electrical engineer company called ABB. I specialize in electrical transformers