Where did @Peter get DCTV Idea?!?! Controversy!


Hello everyone!! much love to you all even the negative folks ohmmm namaste!! Could someone, peter perhaps, find the video where SOMEONE suggested to him, to create Decentralized TV.

This is a challenge. Also a challenge to see if you will redact that video from history so we never know the truth!

I reached out for help here in bitcoin pub and wholly ignored for the most part so I just gave up on my dreams and tried to find the most sincere and down to earth person i could find to tell a great idea in hopes it would fluorish rather than die (im sure someone would create it eventually). so thank you peter for doing a great job so far.

Its a long story spanning back to around 1997 when i first toured nicaragua… built a radio station for the community… years later, those radio efforts help “the team” create a High Speed internet and cell service provider company.

long story short, struggle struggle waa waa waaa… civil war 1, now semi civil war 2, (as of 2018/19), associates actually murdered live during broadcast on facebook live (look it up, was internation news)

desperate times mean desperate measures… i do good, i do great things in the world and i see the potential peter has to help my cause, which is merely to be the positive change in the world. not limited to any region.

sometimes in out short lives we have to give a lot away without expecting anything in return. its called being selfless.


if Peter can collaborate your story I will take my hat off to you sir!


Hi @filthyrich
How could we help you with this?


Peter probably doesnt even remember, it was a completely random moment when i was trying to be all community oriented… if i knew which livestream to watch, i would tell you to go look. i have no idea which video it is… its there on youtube… id look like a week to a month before he started using it… but i havent been paying attention closely, im pretty busy with BS in life. in the video he was like come on guys lets come up with some great ideas as a community… so VOILA…

someone could look the video up who is more savvy with the videa than i am


im sure there are countless way to help. its not a simple task, its ending war, its ending poverty, its inventing the trash can for some people.

the endless pit of dispair will accept as many ways to help as they will give.

i wanted to launch a blockchain for my own endeavors to run a ledger for the internet provider and a payments app in nicaragua. times are tough… real tough


I think a good place to start is trying to educate as many people as we can about Bitcoin.


Democratic institutions have weakened under the ORTEGA administration as the president has garnered full control over all branches of government, especially after cracking down on a nationwide anti-government protest movement in 2018.

I think this works. :cowboy_hat_face:


i agree this is a good idea, but a given to you and me. we have to warp our minds on how can we get people from the jungle, to using hardware wallets with btc.
ive been trying to do it for years, ive even helped create internet infrastructure which is at my disposal still. if anyone reads this and is in nicaragua and is a bitcoin/blockchain advocate with programming knowledge, and perhaps would like a job climbing poles and installing fiber optics, let me know, our team needs more good help


Looks like we need people like you on YEN!


i just sent my email to early access on yen.


peter you of all people would remember best when we were talking about decentralized tv in live stream…


Someone is looking for some royalty bonus :cowboy_hat_face:


dont be negative please, just stfu if y ou have nothing good to say

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@Filthyrich the comment is only negative if you are taking it personal, but to simplify things fam my apologies we are all here to learn, build, created, and have a little fun in the process if my comment was offensive to you my sincere apology. (It was a joke)


Please delete the comments

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No. We want them for posterity!
We’re changing lives and moving mountains here!
We cannot come down! We are doing a good work!


peter why wont you help me find the video where i told you about Decentralized tv?? its on your livestream

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It must be on the BitesizeBitcoin channel which Youtube demonetized, and deleted 1800+ videos…


well that smashes my hopes and dreams a lot peter

i had big hopes and dreams with the dtv idea… i fould my old original notes for decentralized tv!

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