Where did @Peter get DCTV Idea?!?! Controversy!


haha good point!! but that why we got lambos so we can afford hard drives

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Why are you so hell bent on getting proof that this was your idea? At this point Peter already said if you were the one then mad prop’s.

John is not one to lie about stuff and has always shown the copious amount of notes that he takes. I only use one pen style at work and it is a blue pilot G2 0.7 pen. So there are years worth of notes that I have that written in only that pen. Also due to my OCD my note pads all have a pen slid into the spiral portion so it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for me to use the exact same pen for an entire project.


Dude said he was close to going homeless a few posts back.


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So is he trying to get royalties then?

@john - LOL in my opinion they are the best pens.


Royalties?! Who around here is getting paid?? :joy::joy:


Peter, first I was ignored, now I’m attacked… the bitcoin pub is chock full off assholes and negativity. Besides you, why would I be a part of this community if all I get is no feedback or hate mail… very sad to see

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Mine isn’t hate mail or attacks. They are a a bit negative but you also are not taking responsibility for the tone of your posts. You have not expressed why you are wanting some credit for creating something you did not create. This in my opinion is worse than hate mail or negative posts. Life isn’t full of rainbow’s and lollipops. So if you really want our help then you need to be forthcoming with your agenda / goals. If not then your entire posts seems like you are trying to steel credit and get some sort of compensation for work that you did not do. This is stealing and negative at its very nature. So up to this point your posts have been met with a more positive tone than your own posts that seem like you are trying to take credit for work you didn’t do.

Take some self responsibility here for your own actions and posts.

@CryptoMom - Exactly. Thats why I asked why he was so hell bent on getting credit for the idea.



I really do want to help… but you didn’t expound on this point above…


also, you’ll find a direct correlation to my first post on thebitcoinpub and the time Peter came up with the idea of decentralized TV. You’ll notice my first post is within a day or 3… and yes I completely admit I do take credit for giving Peter the idea because I did. Who’s doing the live stream and he said hey that’s a great idea. What a shame you negative nancys cannot see the truth in the video. It must be out there somewhere

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Can i take credit for any gains peter made in the gym because I told him to take care of him self once in the live stream chat?


I’m not sure what the aim is. I don’t mind you taking credit. I think that’s been solved.

What I really think needs to happen now… is that @Filthyrich needs to invite his world into the Pub and YEN because we need your people!


You have yet to answer the question of “Why are you so hell bent on proving this point”.


It is this statement that started the negativity that you say you do not want. This is the second sentence of your original post. So instead of calling out others for responding in a negative tone you should look in the mirror.

This statement is basically stating that you think someone is stealing your idea and that they will lie by taking down the video.


i think the better question is why are you and other hellbent is trying to put out my flames? steal my thunder, ruin a good thing… you seem bitter and jealous… all im doing is saying… hey, im the one that asked peter to help me launch decentralized tv… sure, i have not been totally present, but i dont own a own or have steady income or a good place to live so i have to spend most of my time offline, so i havent been able to keep in communication with peter

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I am not bitter or jealous. What is there to be jealous over? I am not the one trying to take credit for something i didn’t create.
edit Now that I think about it I do not care who created DCTV just that it was created. If you were as selfless as you say you are in your original post it wouldn’t matter to you if you did come up with the idea.

So now your arguement has changed from taking credit for DCTV to saying that you were working with Peter to help you create DCTV.

To answer your question - I am not trying to put your “flames out”. The entire time I have been trying to figure out what your agenda is on getting someone to say you created or came up with the idea for DCTV.

Now answer my question.

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well my only interest was finding the bsbc video where i asked peter to help me with dctv and then working with peter after he realized it was me… that is all, i need help, so im here asking for it from peter, so my intent is still the same but hindered

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There has not been any proof given that it was you. His only statement was

And if you do feel like you have been given validation what is the need for the video? Lastly you still have not stated what your intent is just that is the same.

How does this conversation hinder your intent?

With you making that statement it leads me further towards thinking your intent on getting this information is malicious and to get a hand out for work you did not do.

So please clear things up and be transparent as to why you want or need this information and I think you will find that many of us if we feel it is positive for the community will open up and assist with the research.