Where did @Peter get DCTV Idea?!?! Controversy!


It is this statement that started the negativity that you say you do not want. This is the second sentence of your original post. So instead of calling out others for responding in a negative tone you should look in the mirror.

This statement is basically stating that you think someone is stealing your idea and that they will lie by taking down the video.


i think the better question is why are you and other hellbent is trying to put out my flames? steal my thunder, ruin a good thing… you seem bitter and jealous… all im doing is saying… hey, im the one that asked peter to help me launch decentralized tv… sure, i have not been totally present, but i dont own a own or have steady income or a good place to live so i have to spend most of my time offline, so i havent been able to keep in communication with peter

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I am not bitter or jealous. What is there to be jealous over? I am not the one trying to take credit for something i didn’t create.
edit Now that I think about it I do not care who created DCTV just that it was created. If you were as selfless as you say you are in your original post it wouldn’t matter to you if you did come up with the idea.

So now your arguement has changed from taking credit for DCTV to saying that you were working with Peter to help you create DCTV.

To answer your question - I am not trying to put your “flames out”. The entire time I have been trying to figure out what your agenda is on getting someone to say you created or came up with the idea for DCTV.

Now answer my question.

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well my only interest was finding the bsbc video where i asked peter to help me with dctv and then working with peter after he realized it was me… that is all, i need help, so im here asking for it from peter, so my intent is still the same but hindered

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There has not been any proof given that it was you. His only statement was

And if you do feel like you have been given validation what is the need for the video? Lastly you still have not stated what your intent is just that is the same.

How does this conversation hinder your intent?

With you making that statement it leads me further towards thinking your intent on getting this information is malicious and to get a hand out for work you did not do.

So please clear things up and be transparent as to why you want or need this information and I think you will find that many of us if we feel it is positive for the community will open up and assist with the research.


It’s unfortunate that Youtube deleted all my previous videos. It’s a good thing I hold nothing sacred.

Here’s what I would suggest @Filthyrich - Build something. Show us your project here!



I am all for that as the community has a very long history of supporting those that create something and share it here.


my intent was to impliment dctv into the internet/cell phone provider i helped my friend launch in nicaragua, i dont know what the ulitimate goal is… to get the poor people in nicaragua educated and out of poverty?? thats what ive been doing for 20 years, so althought my goals are unclear to even myself, i dont have much to work with, and obviously theres a lot of shitty people out there (including yourself) who dont offer much to the community ini my opinion.

you want the truth? its in bitesitebitcoin… its out there somewhere!

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I’m sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately you’re barking up the wrong tree. There are no saves. There are no backups. Each of my videos are around 1gig each.
We don’t save videos. No point.

I’d love for you to start a DCTV Nicaragua Youtube channel.

Please ping me for any collateral you need.

Instead of posting comments.

Do something.

I can’t wait to see your DCTV NICARAGUA CHANNEL!

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thats cool… i just assumed it would stay in the history of video on youtube… man was i wrong… so sad too bad, moving on…

sure i was hoping to garner the respect for telling peter about it and working with him but circumstances are circumstances.

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im struggling way too much to have time to study code… i barely have money to eat. here is one of my best friends in the world in his christmas video, trying to stay positive during a time when his associates are being assasinated just blocks away… and he struggles way more than i do, bless his strength https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSZkAviEbEk

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Holy smokes did I miss all this fun lol :cowboy_hat_face:


I can in more then one way related to the struggle, I’m from a 3rd world country myself and I’m only saying it for empathy on the matter, I have a recommendation for you @Filthyrich read Dale Carnegie book “How to make friends and influence people” you will thank me later.


ive noticed some devs and discord rooms are full of angry devs and mods who just throw the biggest tantrums… some devs only work with the sweetest, kindest mods etc and its really pleasant to deal with those crypto communities… i wont even mention the nasty uncalled for negativity ive seen, we all have… but my point is, to stay very kind and positve and constructive and be a “we” and “us and them” mentality…

as soon as someone started attacking me once, i computer bitchslapped him and said STFU if you have nothing kind to say, and then i get attacked again and again for it. lollllll… the siccophants show themselves more than others with their lashing out and projection.

thanks for the book suggestion

ever heard of “kentucky ayahuasca church”? watch that show then go on that adventure!!

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Ideas are a dime a dozen, its all about execution. Remember Peter they cant troll the troll. If this guy is for real why did he just sit on the idea. :joy:


My friend look, not one person here has been attacking you…

Use your gifts and energy to continue building that which you mentioned for the Nicaragua people, here you have started a fun and to me entertaining controversy of who and when @peter got the DCTV idea.

Everyone here tried to show you love and respect, I even apologize, @john took time from his busy schedule to show proof of the matter, no one here is been negative or attacking you friend…


@GrillingWithGuns convinced me to read the whole thread.
5 out of 5 star review.
Great content here. Community enguagement and lots of banter. Priceless.


well cryptod, im not sitting on any idea, its going at my speed. well peters speed now i suppose. Im still doing it, ive created a radio station on the fm band, built a building for the radio station and my ideas, then got the community involved by giving the radio station to the community and teaching them how to run it to be decentralized and self sufficiant.

years later, degrees earned; we have managed to launch a startup Fiber Optic and Cell insatallation/provider. This is like going from the jungle to fiber.

We are powering through current turmoil in the country and trying to figure it out. We sort of have our hands full and i reached out to peter for help by telling him basics in chat and about dctv!

so now here we are, ive trying to get his attention in chat when i have the time and ive been watching dctv evolve, and im pretty happy about it all really.

So… dctv is just one little part of the big plan here as you can see im not just trying to build dctv software, im building it with infrastructure for the entire country, one street at a time.

i have receiving (Laptops) not for profit donations from individuals who support my cause(s) for 10+ years. ive been doing this ultimate life-project for over 20 years now in many facets.
“Laptops for education” where i send working laptops (and fix some) to my people who utilize them as they see fit. One building we built “the learning center” receives some of the laptops and i occasionally get a random thanks from some mom whose kid is learning to read for example.

so ultimately, to respond, im not sitting on the idea, i was trying to get peters help and he is doing a great job running with it and staying positive all the way, so if i dont get a dime out of a possible 100 million peter makes of if decentralize tv, so be it, but i hope i learn more about how to impliment these ideas and work together, because peter can build it, put it to work and be a part of the team!! team work and a strict positive attitude will make us all 100x more rich than being greedy and trying to keep all the riches for yourself, but dont let me lecture you im not perfect but i try to be!! much love

now ill be scrolling up looking for the link with 100days of insanity or something… learning to code (i confess i can write a shitty website in Notepad and upload it from c:\ but thats it, i suck at coding


oh yea so when this account joined the bitcoin pub, is when decentralized tv was mentioned… notice the exact correlation to your note pad peter? just saying!! not a coincidence

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You should’ve opened with that story @Filthyrich were all about sharing our stories of building and learning here