Where is the #Cryptonation? - Show Us on the MAP!


Oh right… The pub post has 20 minimum… Yeah… Got it. Just end with Yooooooooooooo! All the time!! :grin:


This is what I use the :troll: for :troll::troll::troll:


:troll: nice!!! Keeping that one handy

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@john added that in a while ago. I like it a lot


Hey, fellow countryman! I just added myself too!


Is there a way to see the map after joining, after closing the window? I keep getting back to where you write your location.


Lone Ranger in Austin, TX


Great idea, BAM representing North Sweden (and of course first on the map in Sweden :smiley: )


Harry, You’re from Sweden but you speak nearly perfect English and you think in USD? How is this possible?


Wat do you means I speak perfect English? hehe

I’m Dutch and moved to Sweden 10 years ago and speak English every day at the office, as well as at home (as I married a Swedish girl) (thinking and speaking in Dutch has become more difficult than English).

I run an international business in which we deal in GBP, EUR, USD and SEK, so I’m used to thinking in USD daily.


Awesome!!! I thought I was the only Portuguese on here!!!


first in Amsterdam :):grinning:


Groningen, NL Present :raising_hand_woman:


@CraigMak @HarryvdV

Is one of the things that I have been admiring the most from Nordic countries. I have been living 2 months in Norway, traveling and taking pictures and the English level of everyone (no matter how old there were) was astonishing.

I’m half French and half Spanish (currently living in Spain) and most of the people don’t speak English (neither Spain nor France) and the few people that actually speak English…have a pretty low level.

I’m myself continually improving my English and I’m pretty satisfied (regarding the skills of average people here), but when I read and listen to people living in other countries where English is considered almost as a native language (like you @HarryvdV) I’m kinda depressed haha…


Your English is great.

I think in Europe of the non speaking English countries (UK, Ireland etc) Sweden and Holland are among the best in English, probably this has to do with the fact that opposed to in Germany, France and Spain, the TV doesn’t do voice overs in the language, they keep it in English instead and do the sub titles in the own language.

In Sweden you can ask an old lady for directions and in many cases they will be able to help you in English.

I lived in France for 6 months and not that many French are indeed great in English, which was also good for me, because it forced me to learn French.


That’s pretty interesting. I was in Japan for some time and was pretty surprised at how many people I could communicate with in English. Although the older generations did not speak it at all. It was mostly the younger crowd. I feel a bit ashamed that us in the US don’t know other languages. I learned some Spanish and Japanese but not nearly enough to have full on conversations.


Well I think for the US it is different, because with your main language you can already get around in so many places around the world, so nothing to be a bit ashamed about :slight_smile:


the map is at the top…you only need to refresh the page.


woohoo!! there I am!! Amazing work @cryptoBrad!!
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I’m all alone down here!

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