Where is the #Cryptonation? - Show Us on the MAP!


Go offline, go out and spread the word. :grinning:


Oh. I see the problem - I’m trying out Brave browser, and it doesn’t allow anything with my current setting. Thank you for kind of reminding me :fist_right:


I always had the suspicion most French people understand English but would rather prefer to communicate in French. Luckily , I still understand my basic French


@john is it possible to have a site visitors map ? So we can see where traffic for the pub comes from?


A great place to ask this question is here:



I think it has to do with 2 things, they are a bit shy (just like the Swedish, most don’t like to talk English, but after 1-2 beers, they get more confident and then they speak better English than the Brits :wink: ) and it has to do with pride as well. The French are super proud of their nationality and who they are (they traveled the world for years and took over countries all around the world), so often that pride prevents them from speaking English.


What’s up DFW! The nation is expanding!


Oh, I see. However, one has to admit, French is a beautiful language. It has this play on words and sounds gorgeous.


Many countries require schools to teach at least one or two other languages, in America it’s not a requirement at all, it’s an elective. Some schools in my city are starting to make a second language a requirement now.


I gladly admit that French is a beautiful language, it is :slight_smile:


Beautiful and sometimes considered as difficult. :joy:


How long does it typically take to update the map? I added myself but still hasn’t reflected the change on the map. It’s been 10m


It’s instant. Just refresh


Great idea !!
I was the 2nd one to plant the flag in Belgium and before going to the MOON…
I just wanted to be the first to plant a Bitcoin pub flag in Antartica so… I did :slight_smile:


Oh nice! That´s close to the Psyfi-festival where I danced my ass of this august! And I will definetly be back next year! :star_struck:Greetings from Sweden!


Happy greetings from Sweden!


Colorado in da Pub!!!


Krommenie is also on the map!


Done! Added Hangzhou, China :slight_smile:


Woot!! So glad to have you @belleayisyan!! And look at this - joined the Pub yesterday and already on our map. So exciting to have people like you jumping and making this place awesome. Welcome!! Welcome!!