Where is the #Cryptonation? - Show Us on the MAP!


TTT 20 chars omg 20 more


Thanks for resurrecting this! We need more people to let us know where they are!


Sunny greetings from Cape Town☀️☀️


First add for the First State


Welcome! We need more people to add their location!


@Julioindahouse whats up neighbor lol small world Lee I didn’t even realize it was you all the time on live chat. We have to catch up for lunch


Lol. No way! Lol. Def need to hook up bosak. I’ll call you Monday.


My sons name is Julio thats my favorite name in the world lol


You guys should hug it out. :doge:


BerLin ? :thinking: :de:
BeNin ? :benin:


yeehaw! :cowboy_hat_face:


growing nicely :slight_smile:


A big brochacho hug for sure lol we actually do business together already apparently Julioindahouse isn’t his real name tho. The pub map, brining crypto nation together lol


We’ve talked on the phone before. His company rents a billboard from mine. And we didn’t even know we were both in the pub.


From Central Texas, currently working in Kabul, Afghanistan.


initialising crypto hack to all locations:

title hack01


echo ---------------------Hacking Crypto Accounts----------------------------

ping google.com>nul

eth, btc, silent ninja Gathering Information…

ping google.com>nul

netstat -a


MDV in the house. Definitely going to look to reach out to flks when I start traveling. BTW is anyone going to the Conference in Dallas this weekend or the NAC3 in LA next month?



It’s looking good! Need more people to add!


The region I’m from has more pins than the rest of the world together when you leave out the US region. When ever you start early with the stream, you’re doing us a favour. :nerd_face:

I guess you won’t be streaming in the morning because you’re busy.

I kinda wonder about the situation with special guests on Sunday, though.