Where is the #Cryptonation? - Show Us on the MAP!


Done :clap:t2::clap:t2: I’m from Singapore nice to meet you guys


London TBP meetup - was a small group but we had a great time.


PISSED i missed this one!


Wonderful! That’s a beginning!!!


Added myself to the map!


Thanks! We growing bigly!


So internation
Such global


Word from South Tampa mang… oh and uh… FSU Represent!!! (class of 2004 mang!!! dats wats up mang!!!)


St. Petersburg! Representing here. Been watching Petah for a while just joined the Bitcoin.pub


Missouri represent. 😎


you can add 1 to south australia. lmfao


Puerto Rico! WYA???:puerto_rico:


#6 in Paris, France :squid: :fr:


Done. Pretty sure I’m the first in Negril, if not the first in Jamaica🇯🇲.

Join us at Seastar Inn Resort for the World Cup, Bitcoin is accepted :+1:


26th from my country :smile: cool


Looks like I’m the 7th local from Hawaii, 4th on the island of Oahu. Nice to see I’m not alone in the struggle…lol.


Wow, I’m only the 3rd in the Metro Birmingham area, the 5th in Alabama, and the 1st in my locale! C’mon Petah! Only 40-60 in your area? My meet-up has more than that. haha


I guess we need to promote this more!


Here’s hoping the Crypto hit man or the Governments are going to use your map.


Well I’m the only one in Western North Carolina! I guess I feel cool? Lol I’ll invite my Crypto buddies once I can send invitations. :poop: