Where to buy BTC or USDT using VISA @ good rates?

Hi Guys

I’ve been buying my BTC from CEX.io, since they accept VISA and purchases from outside US.

Basically i dont buy BTC from them, i transfer USD funds to the exchange, and then TRADE to BTC since that is much cheaper than BUYING

However, apart from the processing fees (w/c im ok with) , even TRADING BTC is still very expensive over all because they seem to be using a higher BTC rate all the time . LIke today, BTC on BTRX is @ $3920, BTC on CEX.io is @ $4281 … crazy right? and i’ve been acquiring my BTC this way ever since.

So i was looking for an alternative. Heard Changely accepts VISA. So i went on there, and WTF…

it’s worst… and they claim to use the lowest rate possible. seriously? $3920 vs $5901, what an effin scam.

So yeh, anywhere else i can get btc or USDT (that i can transfer to btrx) using paypal or card - at near Exchange rate value?

So far i’ve checked out
Coinbase - wont accept purchases from my country
Coinmama - BTC value jacked up higher than CEXio
and a few others…


OP - would help if you told us what country you’re from.

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oh haha, from the beautiful Philippine Islands baybeh! :smiley:

(bought more btcs from CEX for the time being, them dips are so irresistible)

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