Where US Cryptocurrency Regulation is Heading

If you are curious what the state of play is in the US regulatory stance towards crypto and blockchain, the best place to turn is Coin Center, the crypto industry’s voice in DC.

And in this podcast, Coin Center’s Director of Research Peter Van Valkenburgh gives a fairly clear and concise view of where things are and where they are going.

Over the past year, as cryptocurrencies and ICOs started to go mainstream, we have seen a huge surge in regulatory activities. In the US, many different regulatory bodies including SEC, CFTC and FinCEN stepped forward to regulate crypto projects in different ways. Seemingly contradictory statements have added to confusion and fear of a broad crackdown looming.

We were joined by CoinCenter Director of Research Peter Van Valkenburgh to shed clarity on recent developments and understand where things are heading.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The recent congressional hearings about cryptocurrencies and ICOs
  • How the US regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies evolved in the last year
  • Whether overly broad and contradictory regulation is emerging in the US
  • Understanding the difference between CFTC and SEC
  • Why CFTC regulating existing cryptocurrencies and SEC ICOs would be a good outcome
  • Why decentralized exchanges will be a likely target by SEC
  • The recent letter by FinCEN about ICOs and money transmission
  • Comparing US to European regulation and why the US could end up more friendly

Links mentioned in this episode:


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