Which Computer Should I Buy As a Tool for Cybersecurity Studies and Career Development as an IT Professional?

Hey y’all.

I need a new computer for completing my MS in Cybsersecurity and Information Assurance. I already have a laptop with i7 quad core processer, and 8 GB of RAM. I think I can upgrade that laptop to 16 GB of RAM later. Until then, I need a good machine, and if I a going to get a new machine, I may as well upgrade.

I do not want to limit myself on processing speed or RAM. I want to have a computer that can think faster than me and be able to run virtual machines, while also being able process data to create neural networks. Sure, I could use a cloud or create a mining rig. However, I also I want the best laptop available on the market.

Any recommendations from IT professionals who are more experienced than me would be much appreciated.

Here are my current considerations: (I have never had my own MAC)



Perhaps these products above are overkill. I understand that I need to have the skills to make this processing power effective and worth it. However, I am developing my skills, and if I am going to make the investment, I may as well make it worth it and not limit myself.

I am also considering the following options, which are a slight upgrade in RAM. I have never had a computer with Windows 10 and I’m not sure I really want one. Here is where I am shopping. Any recommendations for other marketplaces with better prices would also be appreciated.



I heard of TigerDirect back in the day, but it doesn’t seem like they have the best products or deals these days.


Thank you for your recommendations.


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