which is the best cryptocurrency exchange


I would like to know which is the best cryptocurrency exchange. I am currently using bittrex but it doesn’t have much coins listed in it. Which are the other good alternatives?


I use Binance. Pretty much it’s one of the best in space. Has a smooth mobile app too.


Binance, KuCoin, CobinHood, CoinEx.


what about kucoin and CoinEX


I don’t have exact knowledge about crypto.


Then you need to do some more research. Go through B90x which has its own thread on the homepage. This will give you enough knowledge to know that there isn’t a single best exchange. You have to determine which one is best for what ever you are trying to do at that time.


Binance for me, so far no problems.


A Cryptocurrency Exchanges is a platform in which you can exchange either your fiat currency (being your Great British Pounds, American Dollars, Euros, etcetera) or other Cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin or Ethereum) into the Cryptocurrencies available on the exchange.

The cryptocurrency revolution has taken the entire world by surprise and further changed the dynamics of the financial markets around the world. In 2017, Bitcoin and other digital currencies witnessed a phenomenal surge in their prices, resulting in the massive growth of the cryptocurrency market. That’s primarily why more and more investors are now keen on finding out the top 10 best cryptocurrency exchange for trading their preferred cryptocurrencies. Here, we’ve put together a list of some of the leading top 10 best cryptocurrency exchange for you that are ideal for buying and selling your cryptocurrencies.


Am not favoring any coin…
But having knowledge about each and every coin in the present market condition could make sense and make some difference…


Crypto to crypto, can’t beat binance. I used to use bittrex though they did a UI refresh and it’s now as confusing as hell.

Binance also has loads of volume, some smaller exchanges have spreads that are too big due to low volume.

For your local fiat to crypto exchange… Depends on what country you’re in.