Which one Coin will go to the Moon Soon?




There are so many ICO’s running successfully. In your point of view which one will go to the Moon Soon. Please suggest any three with their website.


Bitconnect - A self regulated Financial system

Much faster than BTC + low fees.
Lost 99.99% of value since it’s peak - the highest I’ve seen. Therefore it has a lot of upside potential.
Currently 610th place on CMM - super unknown and undervalued.
Super low supply - only 9mil circulating supply.


Nearly every ICO moons once it hits an exchange you just have to be able to make the sell when it does moon. If you are looking at ICO’s then you are just gambling and might as well go to your local casino. Then at least if you don’t hit your moon shot you got a few drinks and had some fun.


ICOs are very risky and the pump & dumps are very random.
If you decide to throw a few bucks into it, you can always set a very high sell order so if it pumps while your asleep, you reap gains.

Some of the more developed coins with a use will fair better in the long run.


Buy All Of Them. They Will All Go Up.


Unless BTC moves higher we won’t see many moonshots on alt coins. Like @nekko said only coins that are mooning are decent Ico’s…and most of them are struggling under BTC’s bear market.


There is a pretty solid pattern to ICO’s that are hyped up too much. They moon for about a week or so after being listed and then start a 9 week downward trend back to their listing price. So even if you do not hit the initial moon shot and the project is legit you can get in at a good price.


I think Ripple/XRP is the next coin will go moon soon.


I will tell you which coin hit the moon, but “soon” I don’t know, I think so, and I see some movements on the meta level. The seeds of grind.

It’s called Gabriel. You can find on Waves Dex


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