Which one would be the best to hodl ether or Łitecoin?

Which one would be best to hodl Ethereum or Łitecoin ?


In my opinion… neither.

The Litecoin halvening event is over, and the price will likely lose momentum from here. With only 10 commits this year, and Charlie no longer invested, it’s not exactly a promising project anymore. The development fund is also bankrupt, so unless donations pour in, I’m not sure who will be continuing development.

Ethereum is more active, yet the scaling solution is potentially two years away. With Vitalik considering offloading onto BCH or ETC, and ALT projects still selling ETH reserves to fund development through this ALT bear market, things could continue to get messy.

Of course, I could be wrong. Between the two, ETH is the better bet, but it’s probably a long HODL unless we see an ALT season soon.



the future is two things, bitcoin and the financial ecosystem built on top of it and Ethereum and the ecosystem build around it changing every vertical it touches


As @Nathan_D laid out above, both coins are not great investments at the moment. Why do you feel the need to invest in either? There are alts that launched during the bear market that will be rising to their “fair market value” (lol) in the mean time, but they are certainly not big caps like LTC and ETH. The most frustrating thing, both mentally and financially, is realizing that all this energy and mental masturbation looking for alts to diversify into (historically) may have been a complete waste of resources. If you had just speculated on Bitcoin, you’d be in a much better position. Which alt coin to HODL? Holding alts is a fools errand. Enter and exit.


HODL Ether like Silver, its the only shitcoin that isnt shitty


yet the scaling solution is potentially two years away

So many cool ETH competitors are releasing scalable dapp platforms years before ETH.

This is also a major disadvantage for ADA too


I’m not sure I follow. The paper for Oroboris Hydra is already written and pending peer review. Unlike ETH, the entire system is modular and easily upgradable.

Plus, in the recent AMA, Charles talked about how progress is speeding up so fast now that the upgrade to Hydra will be very quick.

To be clear though, he never asked about ADA. :wink:


How far do you think Cardano is away from being scalable and fast?

I mentioned ada as I was curious as it’s probably a couple years away from being fast ( I think )


Hard to say.

Cardano is obviously taking forever to get anywhere, however is seems the major pieces are all falling into place, which is drastically speeding things up lately. That being said, they still haven’t amalgamated these pieces into a finished product yet. So who knows.

I’m guessing that we have a working product within 6 months, and Hydra 6 months thereafter. But that’s me just outright guessing.

Once Shelley launches, it will take time for network traffic to ramp up. This gives them time to code Hydra and run it on the testnet. I think before then we will finally see if Cardano is all it’s stacked up to be, and if any adoption will take place.


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