Which other exchanges is good to buy bitcoin and get it instantly?



I’ve been with Coinbase and they are good and trustworthy imo. But buying just bitcoin takes too long from my cc. Does anyone know of an exchange that is as good as Coinbase and when buying bitcoin you can get it within hours without the need of id verification that could take weeks to verify and secure enough to just buy $10 to $100 worth?



If you’re in Canada, then by far the best option is Shakepay. No idea otherwise though. :slight_smile:


For the UK, I would recommend XCH4NGE. The sign up is the only process that takes a a bit of time, after that its very quick.


If you want to get your btc faster, think about buying it with a bank transfer, as this payment method is considered to be faster. However, sometimes it appears to be even slower. So, you’re probably right, you need some good alternative to Coinbase. I’d suggest you to choose a similar but better exchange in accordance with its description. For example, some websites provide a list of exchanges sharing the same feature or having slight distinctions.


I’d like to join Alice Nuttal words. But I should notice that it’s also possible to make such a choice with the help of crypto-related sites that contain reviews of different exchanges. Since users tend to think and write subjectively, it is necessary to check balanced reviews, in these terms the websites like Cryptohoo might be a great help. Moreover, their materials are based on the author’s personal experience and filtered by important features like security, fee schedules etc. And answering your question about the good exchange similar to Coinbase, I’d recommend you to pay attention to CEX https://cryptohoo.com/cex-io-review/ . According to the link, it is taking a high position in crypto business. The review is pretty good even despite it is outdated a bit. From my own experience, I should say that currently the company has reduced fees for Visa/Mastercard and their wire option is a bit faster than buying with cards.


Oh, Cryptohoo! I like their materials but agree that they need to update it :slight_smile: Though I use different ways of researching and analyzing, but reviews are probably first in my list.


Hi everyone! Molly from CoinCorner here :slight_smile: We are a UK-based exchange, similar to Coinbase, and have been around a little while now (2014). Our average sign-up-to-buy time is under 10 minutes and for most people, we only require proof of address and ID documents at a later date :+1:t3: We support all major credit/debit cards too. If you have any questions, let me know, otherwise hope to see you soon! :smile:


The cash out by etransfer to your bank works very quicky also.