Who Invests in Stocks


Anyone in the stock market much in here? I’ve been doing my own brokerage account for my 401k the last few years…can’t complain with the returns. I’m 90% tech stocks…anybody got any insights? New stocks that are about to hit?


I use to do stock from 2014 to late 2017, but personally for me there is more money to make from Crypto, so i moved across fully, from a day trading perspective this is.


I can’t trade crypto with my 401k. I’m limited to what I can do. I can still do nvda and momo though!


I also trade stocks, also focus on tech stocks. What stocks do you have?
Crypto is good, great potential, but never put all your eggs in one basket.


I guess I misspoke…I’m an investor, not a trader. I’ve got about 13 positions, the big winners being AMZN, SHOP, AAPL and NVDA. My big losers are AAOI and JD, though both are turning it around these last couple weeks. A few others and a coupe mutual funds to temper the swings.


I would trade penny stocks if i were allowed -.-


IQ…a video sharing/streaming app is currently on fire!


how do you think about SQ?


I did some years ago, made some good gains on Facebook and Yahoo and then got out and invested it in my own company, because my brother said, you have more control over the gains if you invest it in your own company, which was a good decision as that money already went more than 25x


I love square. I bought at $40, watched it go to $50, then drop to $35, back up to $50 and then I sold cuz I got nervous. Shoulda hung on. I see it everywhere, it’s great for small businesses, plus they’re supposed to be releasing a new “cash register iPad” soon. I like Dorsey and the public BTC sentiment. Wish I had never sold! Good company and I love services that make money every quarter!


I bought it early last year when it was around $15 and bought more in its way up. It went up at around 49 and then had a big drop, I sold them all after the drop, big mistake. I am planning to buy it back and hold long if the price drops lower.