Who is bagholding ICX?


ICX is or used to be the favorite in this forum and it was hyped incredibly in the beginning of this year. price targets of 20B were called and ppl posting they would buy the heck out of it if it ever gets back to $2…

now it drops even below $1.

so who is still bagholding that crap and who actually made money with it?

if i had to guess, 90% of traders are deep red in it (excluding ico participants), while maybe 5-10% actually made gains in total, which is roundabout the average ratio also in the stocks market. 90% have to lose so that 10% can profit, rule of thumb.

everyone who bought in $2 or higher now faces devestating losses on the invest in the book. averaging down is the #1 rule to avoid in trading. good lesson to learn on the importance of cutting losses in my opinion.

i hope though to all bagholders that u get lucky on ICX and it will ever come back to where u bought it. maybe it will and maybe not…

many traders also have the ability to throw the towel when it is close to its low. i mean somewhere, it will finally turn up again. usually this is when the sentiment is very bearish and everyone posting sell sell sell. can be in this area 0.50-1.00 thats my thinking to take another trade


I made money with it. Bought in at ICO ( about 14c ( thought it was 7c b4 )) and got out between $3-9 cx.

i mean somewhere, it will finally turn up again.

This may be in 2 years. I doubt many would hold for that long.


good job man. good to take profits when u have them… :+1:


I bought in at $1.65, and cashed out 1.5x my initial investment at around $10.25. Been holding the rest all the way down. No matter what happens, I’m in the green, but it still hurts like hell to see 6 figures turn into 4.


I too made a good amount off ICX earlier this year, but now that’s it below $1, I will admit, I bought a new bag full :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay Fishy


Hodl. First buy around $5. Bought up to $12. And have been buying all the way down except for the lady 6 weeks. Will have money in October so whatever it is then will get some more of my money. Currently average is $4.08. I’ve been a gambler (sports bettor) my whole life so I’m dead inside to these drops (some call them loses some don’t because I haven’t/won’t sell). I’m here for whatever happens to it. So be it.


A ton of us are holding.
I got in on this one at 1.70…later in the day ON the day it hit the exchanges.


You win. You’re smart and feel good (we will still win). You lose. Use my phrase. It’s just money.


alot of people here got in at .ico levels on peters advice. then those early investors and peter/those close to him just basically schilled/pushed it down everyones throats… not saying it was malicious im sure some/all of them really believed in it but it always seemed really reckless at the time as the landscape has always been cautious “only invest what you can afford to lose” or “do your own research” but that became “just smash into ICX and hodl to the moon”

Any… and i mean ANYTHING other then 100% cult support for ICX got completely flamed and most of the posts had ZERO backing why people should buy, it was just “smash it into ICX!” some people cautioned, they got flamed or even banned.

a ton of people bought at all time highs, dumped in tons, only to watch it dip 50,75, 90% off where the bought it.

thse who got in early are still up 2X-10X. they dont care.

but there are tons of bagholders based on whats been posted here. and most of those are in the irrational cycle of thinking if they just hodl it will all be ok, which is normal for that situation.



Who is bagholding ICX?


I got a small bag. Not sure how I feel right now. It seems to be falling way below where it should be. If it goes .50 to .60 I’ll be a buyer and will take a chance. But damn…:chart_with_downwards_trend:


I am. Enjoying these dips. Will keep DCAing along the way


It’s not comfortable, but after I lost 80%, I’m like, whatever. Live and learn. :joy::weary:


Well we all wanted to get in at ICO prices, looks like that might actually happen lol


Most I ever owned was 700 ICX ranging from $2 to $10.

Sold my last bag about 3 weeks ago and it felt great to get from under it. This is the coin that has lost me the most money…

Lesson learnt - don’t drink the coolade…


ICX has lost me the most money as well. Just filling up my bags now and can mega profit at only $2. Also, XLM and ADA at almost precoinbase pump prices.


Is it considered bad if I like holding the bags?

Weak hands, sell more ICX at this price so I can fill my bags more, strap them to a barbell and do some heavy lifts.

All else fails, I can bum a ride to S. Korea and live out of some sleek vending machines for a damn good while.

Regardless, I’m not an ICX maximalist, but most coins are severely in the red. Yeah, ICX is pretty red compared to ATH, but this isn’t ICX exclusive.

This may be in 2 years. I doubt many would hold for that long

Watch me.


I’m holding my icon for as long as it needs to take.
I want to make difference in this world for the better, I want to help beat cancer, raise money for charities across the world, help protect en dangered animals from poachers and extinction and give my parents the life they deserve in their old after sacrificing so much for me.

If I have to wait 5 years, eating noodles for dinner I’ll fucking do it!

Everything we want in life worth having, always comes at a sacrifice.


In the end, tho…it was still, all about Bitcoin.

Im holding that bag too.


Still holding from the first day Binance listing.

All I know is regret