Who is bagholding ICX?


I’m holding a small bag. I guess I could say if it goes to 50-100 bucks, I’m a millionaire in Turkey and if it goes to 500-1000, I’m a millionaire in the US.

Edit: Right now I’m rekt in both countries.


I did not participate in the ICX ICO, so i filled a bag early after it launched on the exchanges… have just yesterday bought a little extra to my bag…

My average sats price is still just below water…

Im still bullish on ICX and think we will bounce back, pretty strong when the bull’s get the upper hand


Did i miss sumthing?
Can someone please explain whats so great about ICX apart from it being Korean…?:thinking:icx
Will it ever reach $100


A $100? We are lucky if can hold $1. If we see $10 again u better sell it all.


I have a 5k bag at $2.36 average. If it reaches $10 it will have proven itself in some way or another; why would you sell then? I could see a flash run to $4 and if you’re not in it for the tech, get out, but why hope for $10 if it’s just a trade or short term investment?
RHETORICAL of course :-))


Still holding! Still believing! :pdealwithit: :hodl:


Holding and getting that average down!


I decided to hold for at least a year - I got 400 back in Dec and DCA’d some between Mar. and May - that was when I thought I was getting a deal at $2 - LOL

Am I happy with the performance - uh no

Do I still like the tech and think it has promise - yes

at this point I’m so far underwater that if I sell I’d never forgive myself - almost every coin is way down from it’s ATH, so what would I have held long term that wouldn’t have done the same -

I’ll play the long game on it but I’m done acquiring it


thanks for all the honest comments. yes the entire market is selling off, but still high compared to just 2 years ago. if your down 80% or more, it just doesnt make sense to sell anymore. same with my rekt factom that i bought at 30ish and didnt stop the trade. either it gets back up or it goes to zero, but doesnt make sense to close it here at 7. its annoying me but as per my risk management, i can afford the loss


If you have been holding since ATH you might as well buy more now.


u mean ICX? no I am not holding from ATH… I only bought a psych position at 0.94 just 2 days ago.


Yes, I’m talking about the people that jumped in at ATH.


I cant tell you how bad i feel about the noobs that bought at ATH.
Dude…i would HATE crypto if i were them.

Thats got to be extremely painful.


I am holding, bought in on first day of listing at $1.65. Plan to buy more this week, I am just watching price. ICX is a long term hold for me and I expect it will do great things. None of this price action really bothers me when you frame what is happening in relation to the overall market. No point in panicking. I intend to enjoy the entire journey not just the easy times.


" i intend to enjoy the entire journey not just the easy times."

wise reminder !


I am holding as well and i really like your mindset! My buy in average is 2$ so it’s starting to hurt a little now. I still believe in the project tho so i am trying to get my average down every week when the price is below 1$.



I’d wager that with an average buy-in of $2, you’re doing much better than most in the Pub.


yeah i remember that!
I got in at 1.70 and I, too, am in it for the long haul.
ICON is really a great project with really good partnerships so…time will tell as it sorts itself off.


On average $1,99, however bought sth @ $3 and $4. I think to average down right now :slight_smile: