Who is bagholding ICX?


I took part in the ICO and bought a lot in the first few hours on the Binance. My average is $0.3. I plan to start to cash out slowly from $20. I’ve learned a lot from this “slideshow”. :scream:


I would love to hear thoughts on why the price has tanked so much? Is there a glaring flaw with the project?


welcome to the show.


The extended bad market is one big reason.


It’s the market cycles and BTC being the daddy to all cryptos.

BTC s taking a dump in order to flush out all the shit (alts) before the next cycle begins.


Icx is just a shit coin that’s why it’s dumped so hard. The inner workings inside icx is so cryptographic for speculators to speculate on the said shit coin. 3 blind mice :mouse2: :mouse2: :mouse2: is more than the entire icx devs and the loop is ford hybrid shell and I still wouldn’t buy that shit coin for a dollar :dollar:


Wish you would tell us what you really thought.


This sums him up perfectly!


Dutty, honestly just stop already. Every time someone writes anything that goes against “ICX is going to change the world just HODL; $100 by EOY,” you appear like some ICX crusader.

You never come with any facts, evidence, or sound reasoning, you just post nonsense or cry to the heavens that it’s FUD and “strong hands.”

Why don’t you just be honest for once? You got in at ICO prices. You’re still up 8x on your initial investment? You can keep HODLing and not even care.

And you refer to it as panic selling? Reading the market and selling high and buying low is smart investing. It’s not just smart TRADING, but also smart long term INVESTING. So if “panic selling” is selling ICX months ago, or even today, because there is a good chance this coin continues to dump, then I am very happy I “panic sold” my ICX 4 months ago and now have more fiat and the ability to get more coins for much less money.

And like JasonMasterNet posted earlier, it’s just sad because of all the people in this thread and on the PUB that are bag holding and have been bag holding since $3+ etc because they bought into the BS on this pub from people like you.

And before you come back with some shit about how ICX will rebound. 1.) You don’t know it will and 2.) even if it does, how much money could these people have made/saved if ICX wasn’t rammed down their throats with no logic or evidence behind it?


Still got 303 ICX that i didnt touch them from January at average cost 8usd :smiley: Well but i wont eat noodle since those money i can lose without consecquency hahahaha. I am going to leave that stack as a BAG - a memento of my crypto journey untill 100 usd ofc. Now i trade around some icx with new money. Gotta catch all those falling knives :smiley:


Didn’t you buy in at around $10? No wonder you’re so salty, champ! At least you got out though, eh.

ICON is a long-term hodl - think 5-10 years minimum for serious profits if you bought high (as I did). I’m not touching my stack until 2022 at the very earliest. Like Min Kim said, by 2025, the full potential of ICON will be realized. For people like me who don’t have time to trade, strong hands will reap the rewards eventually.


Bro I’ve already made my peace with you even with an apology too so I’m not gonna go there with you OK.

I can’t disagree with you enough and many others will back me on this. I come out with more facts that any of these FUDster wannabes. Jason and leetorres are the only ones that actually say something relevant. I mess about half the time and like to have a laugh and a joke.

I did get in an ico and bought on first day at 1.55 then again at 2.50 then again at 5.60 then even bought my mother some at 8.5! I also made many bad trades and got on to other bad ico’s too. So don’t try and second guess my portfolio as I am damaged also. I just have control of my emotions unlike a lot of the people I counter. The market has cycles and this is part of the ride.

I told you before I KNOW ICON. I know about the project a lot more than many others so when I see some fool post that it’s a shit coin or scam or whatever then I WILL say something.

The guy you are now sticking up for has been found out multiple times as a troll and someone that wants attention badly. I don’t even reply directly to him anymore. But it doesn’t mean I’ll let him spread fud around because I know for a fact he knows fuck all about crypto! This guy bought icx at ath and sold when he panic sold at the first dip. We have evidence of this based on what he wrote himself. He’s a pathological liar and I’m tired of hearing his shit.

At the end of the day mate I and many others simply state facts and our interpretation of the evidence before us so if you think that’s ramming it down someone’s throat then all I can say is I disagree.


I wasn’t writing to defend anyone, I was writing because what you’ve been writing and what you just wrote is not true.

What facts and evidence have you written about ICX being a good long term investment? I agree with you that you have done lots of research on ICX, I have too. I remember months ago when we researched together and kept a thread going to find out what the ICX token even does.

I don’t deny you reading into ICX, but knowing what ICX is on the surface or what it promises is not sound enough reasoning/evidence to tell people it’s a sure thing. The fact that people didn’t even know what the ICX token does, and even today people are still debating about ICX in terms of the loop, dev teams, and what ICX even does or wants to be is not a good sign. Which is fine, ICON is very cryptic with shit, and not everyone is a programming whiz and can actually understand the underlying tech, especially when all there is are vague descriptions in a whitepaper that are more in the form of potential than actual application.

This seems difficult to process though when this company is suppose to change the world through it’s tech. People aren’t even 100% sure what the hell it is! Also, ICON talks about hyper connecting everything, as in the cryptosphere. BTC isn’t even close to being mainstream yet, but they are talking about connecting everything? So if this is the case, then this will take a long ass time to have any real value, and not only does ICX have competitors now, it will have more competitors in the future.

From what I read it seems like this company/token does everything! But does the ICX token even have any value outside of running a node and being able to participate in some sort of votes for communities? (whatever that means)

All this does not even touch on the current market situation. Which runs cryptos at the moment because outside of a few, all coins are nothing but speculation at this point based on PDFs that are worth hundreds of millions.

Not trying to start shit, just a debate. So if you know so much about ICX, please tell me why it’s such a sure thing based on the things I’ve mentioned.


Guys at least ICON has a blockchain and ICX is actually a coin now unlike many other shit projects that only feed on people’s money by giving them useless ethereum tokens that has no value nor usage at all. In this cripple crypto market, having your own blockchain is still something. I mean even Hans can create his own token no matter how low his IQ is, so… :brain:


It’s midnight here bro so let me re-energise and hit you up tomorrow with some solid facts and hard opinions shared by many others that know so much more than you and I combined.

I will say though by you replying to my response to that other guy it seems like you were sticking up for him. Trust me man, I know you’re a good guy and we have good debates so if I were you I’d stay away from him. This guy is a complete fake and everyone knows it.

I’ll reply properly tomorrow :facepunch:


I didn’t even know who you were referring to tbh. I thought it was the initial poster or people in general that are considering to sell.


yeah its kind of a mystery who he is talking about. but anyways, I dont think ICX is a shitcoin. its just far overvalued at the current point of time and it may or may not be successful. nobody will be able to tell that except time…


There’s only one person that ever refers to ICX as shitcoin. He does it to get attention and to trigger people like me. Doesn’t work but I still douse those flames of fud!


Don’t get triggered mate. LOL. ICX is my favourite Shitcoin, love and hate relationship. Sold some the other day, now considering buying some back.