Who is bagholding ICX?


The fact that you say cryptos could disappear but ICON would remain by itself and still flourish because it can “function,” points towards your delusions about a company that is 95% promises at this point.

You also always talk about how ICX is world changing, and it will basically be blockchain etc. Yet, you now say that three companies would = a working product and that is great. So which is it? ICX is world changing and basically will be blockchain in the future? Or ICX will have a working product within S Korea for a few companies in 3-5 years or whatever the timeline is.

My point about the token was also because you said the tokens are not important at one point, and that just the network is.

You also mention you’re here to talk about ICON, like ICON is the only important facet in terms of not only the future value of it’s own price, but all of crypto. Again, it’s somewhat akin to delusions of grandeur in terms of how you view ICON to think it’s value won’t be influenced by the rest of the cryptosphere, especially when at this point its pretty much just promises.

You’re right, there is no point in going on with this because it is going in circles and we clearly have different POVs.


I’ve been asking him this but I can’t get an answer out of him. I’m curious too.


It’s a fucking secret, deal with it :joy:


Or he’s sitting in fiat scared to enter any trade:face_with_monocle:


hihi, i’m on sardinia at the moment, on a cruise, enjoying those bezant losses haha


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Why is it getting into a debate about if someone is buying ICX or not :weary: who gives a shit what others are investing in.


Agree, while ICX diped harder than other coins, little by little Im now with 90% in ICX, yes, I know, dont put all eggs in one basket, but Im feeling more comfortable having that ICX bag, than a lot of shitcoins that I dont believe in. :icx::rocket:


I agree with this 100% and most of the people that say you should know or don’t invest do not even know the tech that well or they would be building their own coin and/or projects.

This quote was just pulled from D’s post where he quoted InvD32

Do you ask how many dev’s other companies or projects have? This is not normally public knowledge. Heck most that have access to this info or work on the teams of major corporations do not know how many dev’s there are. I think this is just a KPI that the crypto community made up as it doesn’t really tell you anything. Two excellent dev’s may be able to get more done than 100 because it is easier to come to a consensus and a direction. More often than not from my experience when you get too many hands in the pot you hinder your growth. This number before hindering your progression/growth is different for every product so how can the number of developers be relevant?


Microsoft employees per https://news.microsoft.com/facts-about-microsoft/

Current Employment Headcount
Location Employees
Worldwide 131,300
USA 77,829
Puget Sound (Washington State) 48,764
Functional Breakout (Worldwide)
Role Percentage
Engineering 44.2%
Global Sales M&O 15.8%
Worldwide Commercial Business 19.2%
LinkedIn 9.4%
Business Functions 6.5%
Finance, HR & Legal 5.0%
CTO LinkedIn 0.0%

Dev headcount is an important factor when assessing crypto investment. If anyone really thinks 2 devs are better than 100 then crypto is not for them.


I appreciate the shout out, hi :slight_smile: peace kitty!


Are you able to find employment data for any of the top20 coins from CMC? Btw. I am sure that the parent company of ICON has this data in a company register (in the country where it is operating).


Of course.

There is no parent company.

ICON is a NPO registered in Switzerland.


Can I pick one?

You don’t want to “accept” that there are connections between Dayli, theloop and ICON Foundation. Am I right?


There is no parent company relationship.

The Foundation in Switzerland pays for the ICON network to be developed. The cost of development includes using developers that may or may not also work for other organisations as employees or freelancers.


Ok. It is your version and I have mine. I let you go with it.


I guess the question is, why are you here?
What are you goals revolving ICX?
Are you here to convince us that ICX is trash?
Are you here to convince yourself that ICX is trash based on destroying potential arguments presented to you thus far?
Or are you trolling?

Ive been to the Electroneum reddit and if you want to see delusional, you can go there because they dont really have anything novel to bring to the table at all. And virtually zero notable partnerships. Its pretty sparse.
Ive seen mindless shilling (Bitconnect…been to their forums and reddit) and while people like ICX, ICON has a great future.

And i do own bitcoin and several other cryptos.

I guess my main question is…when did you get into ICON?
At what price, i mean.

I hope thats not true…because if it is, that explains EVERYTHING.

No bitcoin?

Come on people…


Tell that to the Chianlink crypto guys.
Great idea…but i left that camp late last year…


This is a retarded statement as 2 excellent devs can be better than a 100 shit devs. You have to add context to this statement about the skill levels of those devs. You can’t just use a flat number to make any kind of relevant decision. Sure probability states that out of those 100 devs you will be better off but with out more data its just not that relevant.


If the Foundation is only able to secure the services of 100 shit devs then we are all scuppered.