Who is bagholding ICX?


I would be a very quiet dev if my ICO had just brought in millions. My “work” for the project would be done continuously circumnavigating the globe on the most expensive cruise ship available.


You totally missed the point of comment will drop it here as there is no sense in trying to continue this conversation as you just are not understanding the context of my original comment.


Apologies lads had too many beers and whisky tonight, but I’m starting to find this back and forth funny af. I used to get balls deep in this shit but honestly guys we can’t keep preaching to the perverted. I don’t see why we should even attempt to try and give our opinions to people who have already clearly made their mind up. I mean what’s the outcome? You give them the facts or your opinion and they finally feel comfortable to invest on your analysis for them to turn around in 6 months to say you shilled/fomo’d them into buying something that hasn’t mooned yet.
DYOR mother fuckers, you don’t like what you see don’t invest. You do like it and invest then fucking own that shit and take responsibility if it doesn’t work out, or be fucking humble and appreciate those gains if it does.


This is exactly why I left the last ICX thread. Gets too much reading arguments man



But seriously tho I’m here for the tech.


lol we have a very similar bingo card in my telegram group called “Bad Trader Bingo” lol


I’m putting more stop-loss orders, all the way down :cold_sweat:


Best thread ever. Many good arguments on both side. I’m not sure myself where i stand at this point.
All i know is that i lost to much to sell. I will hodle until the next run. Right now it looks like we are going way way down so if anything its good point to buy if you believe in the project.


So… who’s bagholding ICX atm? ^^


I’m holding for a LONG time. Ain’t nothing but some price movement.


Been holdin for a minute…


Just hodl…icx love you long time.


Related footage:


anyone who answer no is a lier lol i’m holding half of lost and found :joy:





Getting that fiat ready alt szn is coming.

In it for the gainzzzzz :sunglasses:



You call it bag holding, I call it accumulating…

It’s all about perspective. The current price is irrelevant if you don’t intend to sell. The only price points that are relevant are the price at which you buy and the price at which you sell.

If it went down to 1 cent and up to $10,000 but you bought at $4 and sold at $5, that 1 cent low and $10K high are both irrelevant.



Can you store ICX in Ledger Nano S?