Who is bagholding ICX?


Well the 10k high wouldn’t be irrelevant…




I’ve been DCAing and my Avrg. price is $1.55 but I am hodling it till eternity LOL.


If the project failed and goes to zero, then it is done.
Or it could go to the moon soon, no one knows.



The current price is irrelevant if you don’t intend to sell. The only price points that are relevant are the price at which you buy and the price at which you sell.

this is technically incorrect. the current price and whether your position is red or green does matter. you have losses (or profits) in the book. yes they are not realized yet, but still they are present. also a red or deep red position reduces your flexibility. nobody knows the future. responsible guys from the project your invested in may leave or make bad decisions. signs of caution may occur that would cause people to rather (and better) step away. with a deep red position you are stuck and just cant get out.

while with a green position, you would just sell and take profits and wait until things are fixed or look for other possibilities to invest.

deep red positions are “dead money” and they are to avoid as good as we can.

btw: it happened to me too. i still own these factom from $30 or what. it was my mistake to not consider a stop. however, it was only like 5% of my crypto folio size. i can afford a total loss on it. make sure you always can afford a 100% loss in single crypto selections


Yes, I understand it is good to have the flexibility to sell if you have a financial need however, investing with money you might need is an absolutely terrible idea. An investment needs to be given time to mature so that you are not forced to sell at a loss.

You need to have the ability to wait until the time is right. Every price point is merely a suggestion and you can choose or not choose to take that suggested price for your assets. I will only sell my ICON when the suggested price is in my benefit. If that never happens then I guess that’s money I will never enjoy.

The trick is to make sure it’s money that will enhance your life and not money that is a necessity to your life.


it is really not about the financial need…


one picture that says it all


How much is considered a bag?


from my understanding it is not related to the size. you can carry a small or a big bag…


Well i guess im holding


I’ve adding more icx to my bag all the way down. Icx at these prices it’s a steal.


@virtualguy yes you can. It is fairly easy. have a look at the information on how to do this.

Install iconwallet - transfer to this.

Update your Ledger to support icon, Needs to download an app.

Connect to your ledger via your iconwallet … important… there is no balance available off the ledger manager

Send to your Ledger S…

Suggest you try with a small number of coins first.

Any questions on this come back to me. I have just recently done this so its fresh in my mind.



yep I am at 75% loss even DCAing you know that I am a noob that’s why.
I have nothing to lose anymore holding on to them.


You are not a noob. You are like most of us in the pub. Patience. It will be fine.

I also would recommend if you are on binance look up how macd and rsi indicators work. Need also to learn how to make a stop loss on a buy and sell.

Golden rule… look at 1 hr charts.

There are ways forward. Do some research and be proactive… Lots of resources in the pub… Be determined.



I dont trust the team anymore and dont like the little information they provide.
Also there are so many projects like Cardano that i think are better in term of communication, reviews, transparency etc.
Might be a great team/project but so far they show nothing. Their homepage is also crap.


:man_shrugging:t2: :beetconnect:


Still buying here too my friend! Steal!!!


Get in there… ICON shall change my world.