Who is bagholding ICX?


I’m planning on layers buys starting at 15c down to 10c.


Same here, bought from the beginning, all the way down. My bags are getting more and more heavy. Just got some more ICX :icx::money_mouth_face:


200 ICX for $50. Is it a steal? It may be in one way or another.

Total Invested Total Porfolio
$2,576.00 $542.41 -$2,033.59 -78.94%


lol good one…


lmao this is OD im laughing at this pic but dying inside as well cuz my holdings are worth pennies…


Very good point my man.






Ahhh I remember the good old days when I paid $2000 for 200 ICX.


The sad part is that the 200 was part of 1000 that cost $10,000 :crazy_face::rofl::muscle:


This is a very good idea. I will be doing the same.I am after in the long run 100,000 ICx.


@Crash101 100k ICX…

Jesus i fear if these prices get to low, it will be without question that the pub will be a place ICX whales hang out.

I am after the same amount funny enough, but currently i am no way near it! Although if we get sub ICO prices it shouldn’t be to hard. ICO price = $1000 investment = 10k ICX.

If BTC tanks to $1850 you can bet your bottom dollar icx will be at ICO prices.

You trading crash? Saw your post the other day mate, have been so busy couldnt get round to replying. You well?

@Racolini How are you getting on old friend? Still in trenches fighting it out I hope!



Yep mate… keeping at it when I can… It’s hard to do at work… I try and do more in the evening when I have more time.

You know with a fair amount of certainty that come the next run ICX will be at least 10 dollars. I do expect it to go higher too


yeah always. Collecting more ICX. Hoping to get it cheaper. Got a buy order in for 0.16 cents.


Indeed, I’m looking to snatch up some $5 NEO and sub 20 cent ICX. After that I don’t care what the market does. It’s HODL time while converting free GAS to ICX.


Yoooo ICX is sub 20 cents already. NEO bro I think u could get it cheaper if Market goes furthur down. Maybe 3 bucks.


I think $5 is pretty low for NEO and a great snag if it happens. Yeah, I know ICX has dipped below 20 cents several times this week. I’m fishing for a sweet dip into the 17.5c range.

IMO people are getting a bit out of hand with the bearish calls. I’d rather get a full bag at a decent price than an empty bag waiting for a crazy price that never happens.


Yeah…i was thinking a bit ago to lay off purchasing…but NEO…wow…crazy…got a bit but will go harder for neo soonish (hopefully)