Who is bagholding ICX?


Yep added another 3k @ 23c the other week to double my inteded bag size so I am double bagged as there are so heavey…:+1:


I’m planning on layers buys starting at 15c down to 10c.


Same here, bought from the beginning, all the way down. My bags are getting more and more heavy. Just got some more ICX :icx::money_mouth_face:


200 ICX for $50. Is it a steal? It may be in one way or another.

Total Invested Total Porfolio
$2,576.00 $542.41 -$2,033.59 -78.94%


Anyone got one of these new hardware wallets for their ICX yet?


lol good one…


lmao this is OD im laughing at this pic but dying inside as well cuz my holdings are worth pennies…


damn ur poor bro, mine are worth tens of dollars


Very good point my man.