Who sold their litecoin for ethereum Classic recently?


Just wanted to see who sold all or majority of their litecoin stash for ethereum classic?


Litecoin, months later, still has a bit of an after taste in my mouth. I sold all mine back when Charlie Lee sold all his near the top of that huge run it made. Haven’t looked at Litecoin again since. Charlie dumping his brain child like that was just a big double-slap in the face no matter how he spun it as dissolving conflict of interest, yada, yada, yada.

When/if I hear Litecoin starts making in-roads as the “daily spend currency of choice” as it’s pretty much billed to be, then I’ll revisit as a HODL coin. On the other hand, I do have ETC in my long-term portfolio. It’s not a lot by any stretch of the imagination, on the other hand, it’s enough I’d call it a solid hedge against ETH falling its own sword.


I was planning to sell mines for ETC but…
Still waiting for it to push more before ETC hits Coinbase!!


I haven’t held any litecoin (other than occasionally shapeshifting ETH into LTC for online blackjack) since January/February.

ETC looks strong.


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