Who uses MACD trading and results


Who uses the MACD trading strategy? How has it performed for you this year in the bear market?

I am thinking of using this strategy next year.


The MACD on the monthly time frame has been very accurate, so I’m currently following that. Overall, it’s not a bad tool to add to any strategy.


Its one of the backbone of TAs that I use constantly. Remember being above or below the histogram line is a key element too.



How did you learn about it? Has it worked well for you, in the bear market. What are the weaknesses and strengths of the strategy?
How do recommend I gather info to teach myself?


Peter did a really good job of explaining it last year, and why it’s a powerful tool in conjunction with others. You can check it out below and start watching here:

I really recommend that you watch the whole series to get a good grasp on the basic fundamentals of charts! :+1:


Thanks for this drop. Dat b90x program tho.


No MACD in that video.


if you look in the B90x programme you will find a shed tonne of stuff on TA including MACD. Go and have a look. Its great having a resource like this.

I could go give you a spoon perhaps too…



i found a massive soup ladle

You see that chart at the bottom … its MACD… MACD stands for Moving Average Converging Diverging.

Its great going to a soup kitchen!!




Thanks for all the info. It is nice to be feed spoon fed every once and a while.


@texasEric I have to try harder - I have only got to day 8 of the day 90 programe!!

Maybe a good time for a New Years Resolution.

There is a whole bunch of more useful stuff on TA in there too. Definitely worth listening to Peter,

The thing that I really can not forget to say is

"Dont forget to do your stop losses in both directions if you are swing trading. it makes sense.



I recently watched a video where a guy started out with 1000 dollars and in 2 years, following only the MACD he made 69,000. I’m using the MACD on my non-DCA money right now


you will have to forgive me but i dont quite follow the arguement… what has MACD got to do with IRS?

MACD is a tool and should be used in conjunction with other tools. It certainly isnt the only tool.

I would encourage anyone doing swing trading to research all the technical indicators as this will give an edge in the direction of trade momement.

Typically for historical indicators I use MACD, RSI, Volume, MA (just moving averages at different timeframes than standard MACD and bollinger bands. Consider these as a standard set of tools.

If you consider these correctly, swing trading is not too eroneous as long as you remember to do one thing.

“put healthy stop losses in and accept you will not always get it right” I would recommend at least 2% stop losses. Setting your stop losses too tight means that they will get taken out. Accept the loss and just be in a position of getting it enough right where this doesn’t matter. Dont be too concerned in loosing.

You might say oh this is easy… this is a major challenge for all day traders… get the rules fixed and then when you see x happen you implement your plan with stop losses.

record all trades no matter how small.

Develop a strategy and keep to it and you will make. If you change your strat half way through a trade you will loose… this is when your emotional being takes over your head. Decide the rules and print them out before you do it and keep to it.

Hopefully you find this useful.

Dont trade emotionally as this will cause you to loose.



@Peter_Rehm is referring to the tax implications of said method. The US taxes crypto like property, you pay for every transaction, unlike the UK where you pay when you convert to fiat (soon change).


@Peter_Rehm has there be any updated tax info for those of us in the states?


Agreed. Posting withdrawn.