Whoa @Bitcoin: Controversial Twitter Account Suspended After Users Reported It

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Earlier today the controversial Bitcoin Twitter account (@Bitcoin) was suspended by the network, much to the joy of several community members, including Litecoin creator Charlie Lee.

Poking fun at the account’s suspension, Charlie Lee Tweeted:

Comments under Charlie’s Tweet supported the move, mainly because the Twitter account was known to be pushing the Bitcoin Cash agenda and bringing down Bitcoin, or as Bitcoin Cash proponents like to call it “Bitcoin Core”.

“Amazing! So many people reported this account, twitter took time but finally they did what they should have done months ago!

@rogerkver should understand, they cant pump price hacking an account.”

According to BadBitcoin.org, a website dedicated to listing Bitcoin scams and fake/fraudulent websites:

“The Bitcoin account on twitter @Bitcoin has been hijacked or bought by those scoundrels promoting the Bcash (Bitcoin Cash) Scam. Mail Order Explosives, Bitcoin, Scams - They do the lot! 1/8/18”

Bitcoin Cash, which was created as a result of a fork last year, is advocated by Roger Ver, who was nicknamed Bitcoin Jesus for his initial support for Bitcoin adoption. However, since the creation of Bitcoin Cash, Roger has claimed that the original Bitcoin no longer satisfies the requirements of being called ‘Bitcoin’ and Bitcoin Cash is the ‘real Bitcoin’.

Roger found some support in his claims, notably from Calvin Ayre Media Group:

“The Calvin Ayre Media Group intends to work with Roger Ver and his Bitcoin.com group to educate the world on why the Bitcoin public blockchain (BCC) is the only one that can do it all,” read an earlier statement.

According to Roger Ver, Bitcoin’s core developers have intentionally damaged Bitcoin, preventing it from scaling by increasing its block size and allowing for lower fees and faster transactions.

Bitcoin proponents however, disagree with Roger’s claims that Bitcoin Cash is the ‘real Bitcoin’, and point towards ongoing development and innovations which are improving network performance and lowering fees.

Regardless of the debate, many in the community believe Roger Ver uses his influence unfairly to increase Bitcoin Cash price for his own benefit, and the Twitter account now suspended was one of the ways for him to push the controversial fork as the real deal.




The real Satoshi Nakamoto.


Roger has taken it in his stride as usual :see_no_evil:


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