Who's investing with CLOUD MINING companies (Hashcoins/Hashflare, Genesis Mining)?


Hi. Anyone uses cloud mining services ? Yeah I know. The money-eaters and possibly a scam.

But personally this is what I had started with all that Bitcoin thing in february 2017 before I have changed the strategy to just buy and sell bitcoins/altcoins on Bittrex. I still have all contracts with Hashflare (SHA-256, Scrypt, ETHASH/Ethereum, X11/Dash) that earns ~250 USD per month (if the price of BTC is ~4,000 USD). (My investment into Hashflare cloud mining was 850 Euro.)

Now, it is my strategy to invest this earned money with Bittrex because it can GO TO THE MOON earlier :smiley: But if you want to have the feeling of 200,000 satoshis (and also ETH, DASH) flow to your wallet per day, no matter what happened with your Bittrex investments, and you can spend little money on cloud mining, just try it.

I also have made a small website called HashFlare Netto Profit Calculator which you can calculate your profit and ROI, including their maintenance fees (which are unfortunately too high, but whatever…). http://xtcbtc.com/calculator

On the website, there is a registration link to HashFlare with a referral link.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. :slight_smile:

Happy trading

PS: I know that Genesis Mining is a cloud mining company too, but there have been many negative comments on it, such as (1) not exactly daily payouts for some people, (2) support not responding, and/or I think (3) they do not have lifetime contracts as HashFlare has with SHA-256 and Scrypt.

PS2: Sorry about my english, I am not a native speaker :blush:

Antminer Purchase

I have invested 5.200 dollar into Genesis Mining at 13-06-2017. Result so far: 0,623138 BTC. I hope to make another 0,7/ 0,9 BTC this year. It’s an open ended contract so I assume to make a couple BTC in 2018 and 2019 as well.
GM was hacked. At the moment payouts are done every other day. So far I have received al my payouts.


I was looking into cloud mining as well, since my 280x doesn’t give me any profit with the energy cost here in italy… I’m considering genesis mining to start but im a little skeptical, does someone have any thoughts?


Same here, seems it’s not worth it anymore, been looking at genesis as well. Wanted to very LTC But those are sold out. Is it worth getting BTC mining yet?
Would also like to mine myself but no good cards ever available.


I did some deep digging into GM. From what I’ve gathered they always stand to majorly benefit from your investment. Read the terms and conditions VERY closely. When mining is no longer profitable, the payouts will stop…profitable to whom? I’ve read many “success” stories from people who have invested in GM, but their contracts just started (less than 2 months). Mining has been GREAT for the last couple of months. So of course these guys are going to be saying to get in, not to mention they post their referral numbers all over the place. The real test is to see when mining becomes less profitable. Over the last month, I’ve seen mining profitabilites drop as much as 50%. I’m not saying to not invest in GM or to not mine, I’m merely offering my opinion and what I’ve learned.

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Hello! I recently invested in Genesis Mining and there was a big problem with the payment system in July. The company took more than 10 days to give an answer to that, it was very frustrating … but they are paying. :moneybag::moneybag:
This is from Genesis Mining site:

  • Missing payments are currently being investigated
  • Missing ‘transaction hashes’ means that your payout is being balanced until its paid out. Please also see the minimum thresholds for a payout here
  • Please note that ticket wait times are currently longer than 72 hours
  • Please see our twitter feed for updates

Monthly I reinvest the profits and for me is working fine now. If someone is thinking about investing by private we can exchange codes from the affiliate program. :heart_eyes:


Mining yourself LTC and BTC is probably not profitable at all because of the investment into hardware and electricity cost. LTC more than halved payouts in previous weeks because of the rise of the mining difficulty. On the other hand, other cryptos can be profitable to mine with graphic cards, but you have to consider the same. Equipment and electricity cost in your area.


I’m just not convinced It’d be profitable and seems like too much work to figure it out to be honest.


I have just bought 3 genesis mining contracts costing $100 a month but you don’t get anything back for the first month, and if i dont see anything by the second month, i’m going to tell my credit card company i was scammed and get the money back.


You are right! I am not saying that the cloud mining gives more profit than just buy/sell cryptos on exchanges. ROI on Scrypt (with Hashflare) today is almost 12 months, but ROI on SHA-256 is less than 6 months. I remember the times when it was completely different and Scrypt was way more profitable. But the truth is also that these days and weeks payouts are decreasing quicker than it was in the past. So you have to learn, read, and think :slight_smile:


If someone can figure out how to build a time machine so I can go back to 2008/2009 to start mining then, that’d be greeaaaaaaaaaat…


Maybe 10 years later you look back into 2017 and say the same :smiley: opportunities are here everyday but who knows where they are :smiley:


ooops i didn’t saw this topic…thanks for the input :slight_smile:


Those damn fees take about 40% of your income…:roll_eyes:


Great site you made Dinococcus.:trophy: What I like about the SHA-256 contracts is that they are “lifetime”. So you invest 1 time and you receive daily your Satoshis. So slowly you grow to your spaceship of 1 BTC.
Did some other investing and lost all my earnings so from now it is only accumulating BTC
With the current price of BTC the breakeven point is reached after 210-250 days. After that it is pure profit :moneybag:
I use Hashflare and Genesis Mining

Getting out of Coinbase, suggest

cloud mining at your own risk. you’d be better off just investing in btc on your own…


welll… i tried microhash.net its a hyip still paying, youll make huge profits but i suggest making it a get in and get out game… lol… i made my money back so far, and still paying im on day 12 now. its free to signup profits can be withdrawn 24hours everyday instantly.


be sure to check http://www.viral-alert.com/microhash.net/

daily to be super sure


Aren’t the Genesis cloud mining contract a one time payment? Also beside the problems they had the last month with the credit delivery, they should make a daily deposit on your account. Can you clarify that?


From what i saw the fees supposed to be around 28% but correct me if i’m wrong.


I started with Hasflare when it started, at first it was VERY profitable now I would not recommend it anymore as the hashpower gives you almost nothing. Better to just buy BTC.