Who's still mining and HODLing?



Just thought a interesting topic to start a discussion here. Who’s still mining and HODLing at this time of the year despite the news and reports from youtubers and such saying that they’re turning off their mining rigs and/or selling off their mining units? I only have GPUs to mine and have been HODLing my Ethereum classic that I mine. The big youtuber, Voskcoin is turning off his miners and selling his ASIC miners. I don’t plan on getting into ASIC miners and will plan on staying with the GPU community.

Are you selling off your rig?
Are you selling off your GPUs?
Are you getting out of mining altogether and just buying to coins from the exchanges?
Are you in it for the long game and HODLing the coins you mined to sell later at a better price point?
Are you mining with solar and thus, selling your coins as soon as you get them or HODLing?
Are you keeping your 1080 Ti or are you going to jump onto the RTX 2070 cards?
What are you mining with?


Im still running few rigs and few Asics only the T9 running ata loss but if BTC 250k then hmm how much would it be making? :thinking:


I’m still mining with my GPUs, just ETC. I will HODL ETC and write down losses for my accountant after a year or so.

Mainly mining ZEC with ASICs, selling for Bitcoin.


Mine with nice hash for btc. Hodl that shit forever and ever.


You guys are giving me the urge to buy one more GPU… EVGA 1080 Ti SC2 or wait till the 2070 comes out but tthat’s an unknown release date. I could get the 1080 Ti now and build a 2070 four card rig later if I want to build another hobby miner. This hobby is expensive but super fun to work on over time.


Ok so I decided to just get one more 1080 Ti to mine ETC. I’ll be hodling long term and use the money I was going to buy the new 20 series nvidia cards toward actually buying the coins. lol


if you are running some at a loss, wouldnt it be better just to buy BTC then ? :sweat_smile:


You are correct, it’ll make more “sense” to buy BTC directly from an exchange, but this is a fun hobby for me to mine and if the market does shoot up high enough after the potentially approved ETF on 30 September, I have a feeling GPU mining may become profitable again.


no one is denying that UNTILL BTC is profitable to mine with X hardware and power costs.

If on a loss, just buy from exchange or just dont use that miner :man_shrugging:t2:


Well I guess its not so much of a loss if I’m mining on photovoltaic panels with Tesla home batteries. :slight_smile:


what do you mean? a loss is a loss lmao no matter where does the power comes from



Are you in sth ? So Lucky


Yet mining difficulties are getting higher and higher? :thinking:

I got into mining just a few months now, so I’m still mining a little at a time and riding this sheet out! :doge:


I’ll be firing mine back up once it’s cool out. By then nov-Jan the bull run will hit and mining will be great again. (IMO!) I buy my fav alts with mining bitcoin.


What is sth?

Guys I’m so tempted to pull the trigger on a 1080 Ti right now on amazon for $689. I am very tempted to just pull the trigger to fulfill my mining rig that currently has four 1070s and one 1080 Ti. Or just wait for the 2070, but then again, I have a feeling once the market goes back up, gpu mining maybe the in thing again and by that time, the 2070’s will be out and I could hobby mine a little more by building a four card 2070 mining rig. lol…this hobby better not turn out to be a big space taker for my house.


Sth Straya Mate haha
Elon powered it up


Spring in Straya now and the PV panels are churning out more power everyday. Too bad battery storage is too expensive.


Hmm i think with all this Difficulty maybe sumthn big is about too happen? :thinking:
Whos Prepared for the next bubble? Hehe :sunglasses:


I’m not quite ready yet. Still organising transferring my Super funds to Bitcoin. Ready for the bubble after that. So who here thinks Bitcoin will be worth more in 20 years?


Yeah man, our battery storage units are over $10grand each. Crazy expensive but its useful for just in case we get a hurricane hitting us and the power goes out I guess. My wife insisted on it since she experienced Hurricane Iniki.

As for the difficulty, it does make sense that if there’s so many people mining that certain coin, then the difficulty level will rise and vice versa. I’m new to all this so I heard this on youtube videos that I listen to such as modern investor and cryptoRus.

I think in 20 years, it’ll be worth over $1mil per coin and possibly more. Hopefully it’ll be very high like that by 2023.