Who's To Blame for the GPU/Graphic Card Shortage?



Brett at UFD Tech has a fascinating “reveal” about gaming card manufacturers drop-shipping GPU/Graphics cards to mining farms before they even get to retail!

This is a great video for both PC Gamers and Miners:


Here is a jump link to the point in the video where he explains this:


That has to be one of his best video’s. The Jay video just irritated me because it showed a complete lack of knowledge on the mining side or even a nascent understanding of crytpo’s.


Another good response.


I went to Fry’s two days ago to pick up an extra external hard drive and I checked out the GPU section just to see what’s on the shelf and holy balls…Everything Nvidia (1050 ti and above) was sold out. The only gpu I could find was the 1050 2gb…

This is ridiculous man. I’ve been trying to buy my brother a 1060 or better to upgrade his gaming pc and these prices and availability for GPUs are getting out of control.


Manufacture’s need to keep up! We need more GPU’s. Oh and NO MORE PRICE GOUGING!


I feel the manufacturers have the majority of the blame here, especially since I heard the rumors from Brett about them air-dropping direct to mining farms. They could solve the entire problem in one month by upping production! :fire:


Yep prices are insane. I wanted to upgrade my gaming pc rig and prices are just ridiculous. Thank God I found the pub. Tossed that money i would have spent on a overpriced video card into bitcoin. And thanks to b90x picked up a book to read lol.


My take:


I blame @Pigsfoot :rofl:


So…i built my godbox back in early 2017. Took me about a year to get all the parts lol…but anyway…got 32gb ram, and initially a gtx 1070 during a best buy sale. Then i heard about EVGAs step up program…got a 1080 for like 200ish bucknucks more.

Then the Ti came out…OUCH!

So from then on…im in la la land doing my thing then i hear about video card prices.

Didnt really care cuz im loving my 1080 and from time to time, thought about upgrading to a Ti…it was then that i discovered…


A GTX 1080 is going for 800-1k!

At this point, when EVGA comes out with more Ti models, im on their notification but WOW!

These cards are expensive as HELL!

Truth is, its definitely going to slow down for gamers buying cards.

Hopefully when the 1090s come out then the 80s may drop but i dunno.

We live in some crazy times!


Id like to add to this…RAM is also insane right now!
I didnt install my second 16gb yet but geeze…prices are WILD!


There is no 1090 or 90 series in nvidia gpus


Cryptocurrency miners are now squeezing gamers out of the GPU market in three major ways. First, ASIC manufacturers such as Bitmain buy an ever greater amount of chips from foundries such as TSMC, leaving less production capability for Nvidia. Second, the big mining farms reportedly get large quantities of GPUs directly from factories in China before they can even enter the market. Third, smaller professional miners buy cards in the hundreds from retailers or online, pushing the price up and preventing them from reaching gamers.

I pretty much agree on that paragraph, taken out of:


And it all started with the big bull run we had in crypto since Oct 2017


Meaning next Gen…or if it would be a 1090.
Actually it may use a different architecture.


I get what you mean but if its a new gen it’d be a 1180 or 2080.

The xx90 sku is for the dual GPU in one PCB. :grin:


Volta architecture and the gamer cards are to be called ampre apparently and Volta is now reserved for data servers. Not 100% confirmed


How do they enforce that restriction? I could see how you do that at the retail level by quanity, for example only 1 per customer, but how do they do it by buyer type?


he is refering as in application type, not costumers only.


Because data server cards cost thousands of dollars and the normal consumer won’t pay that and also won’t need the extra float point embedded in the card. To cut along story short GeForce gpu are half a card compared to Tesla which is used for data server and science


So what are folks buying to mine with right now? February of 2018? Everything is jacked in price, everything is out of stock. Buying old low mem cards and mining alt coin? Thoughts? I purchased 6 GTX 1060s a month ago for $300.00 each. They are $550.00 each now!!! I want to build a 2nd rig, but I’m dead in the water due to the card/price issue.