Who's To Blame for the GPU/Graphic Card Shortage?



I thought GTX 1060 was terrible for mining? That you’d need 1070 or better? And that the price of them wasnt that affected by the shortage.

The answer is that the GPU market is dead. There’s no solution. Big miners are buying fresh cards from distributors, taking them before the hardware shops get a chance to get them.

Cut away the middleman.


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My son is getting an Nvidia AI board.

I guess I’ll tell him to do some mining to pay off that baby.


Mobile companies are to blame for buying up ALL the memory used in the GPU’s.


Illuminati is to blame :illuminati:


1060 is good for mining the 1060 3gb is losing some of its potential because ETC DAG file size is too big if you are using Windows which reserves some of the GPU memory. I think it still works on SMOS and the like.

Nearly all GPU prices are affected all the way down to the GTX1030 which have went up over the last couple of weeks.

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The AI pros are to blame. Off with their heads!!


Every supply issue could be solved by more production. This takes money and can be very risky. Not mention if Crypto IS the reason, and Crypto goes away as it is still highly speculative outside of these channels, then Nvidia would be sitting on a boat loads of cards and machinery from scaling if the market takes a dump and crypto isn’t as hot. Standard Corporate scaling issues. Same thing happened in the Gun industry and once a conservative prez was elected and the SCOTUS remained conservative gun and ammo manufactorers who scaled up are now hurting since the supply crashed, damned if you do, damned if you dont.


Nvidia’s coming out with a brand new mining card: