Why Bitcoin Is A Bad Investment - How To Explain To Your Friend Who Just Doesn't Get It


Thanks for the laugh. :see_no_evil:


Gold bars dont make more of them selves and people just keep mining more. Bad investment


Just wanted to see what you guys thought.
He really believes what he says.


Fuck it boys! I’m getting into the wheat biz!


Bitcoin does not have any intrinsic value in the world or economic value


Ok I tell you what i honestly think of this man. He’s a con artist feeding on the ignorance of the people and using bitcoin’s fame to gain some publicity “from people like us” watching him now and giving him attention he doesn’t deserve, specially with those killer points he mentioned. smh


He uses the example “Imagine if I flipped a coin. Heads you win $200, tails, you lose $500.”

Somehow he claims this relates to BTC, and makes it a bad investment option, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a bad investor and should “take up a different hobby”.

His logic is flawed, as the investment opportunity is the contrary. At $9500, the potential downside is $9500. However, the potential upside is $1,000,000 or higher.


There’s actually a really easy way to solve this argument without downplaying each side initially.

  • Person A is invested in Bitcoin, and thinks it’s a fantastic investment vehicle.

  • Person B isn’t invested in Bitcoin, and thinks that it’s a horrible idea to invest in it.

The conclusion would be this. Keep in contact for 10-15 years. If Bitcoin goes to the moon, person A gets bragging rights. If it goes to zero, then person B has a say on the matter. Problem solve, but person B will probably change there mind before then :wink: .

Jokes aside, I really don’t get the whole “you shouldn’t invest in >insert investment here< because it’s a waste of time!” mantra. Nobody, no matter what their opinion is has influence over what you wish to invest in. Just let it be.


It’s the reaction “intelligent” investors have when they realize they shat on bitcoin when it was under $10 and they laughed at it. They do the math… if that cant be millionaires, no one should.


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