Why can't we buy altcoins with fiat currency?


You can buy Ether and litecoin on Coinbase also,and you can deposit money via bank to Coinbase account and transfere it to GDAX (coinbase exchange) and buy BTC/ETH/LTC with less or none fees (not sure think its less fees)


@asharp brought this to my attention awhile back. Helpful for usd valuations and charting.


Thanks, this looks awesome.


There is a reasonable list of altcoins you can buy directly from fiat on Changelly.com, but the exchange rate isn’t so good. I tried to buy, and they called me while I was asleep to ask me to add my IDs for identification. They identified themselves under another name, so I declined.


Coinbase allows Fiat - ETH and LTC


Zero fees on GDAX for LIMIT orders only. Market orders have fees - I’m not sure specifically what they are


I haven’t use Bitfinex, but looks like you can buy some altcoins with fiat/USD?


There is this new app that allows you to buy alt coins with USD, not bitcoins.



Huh. you must be the person behind it. It seems a little… sparse to say the least… :credit_card:


Do you have any info on crytphol im not finding anything on this in any searches at all and when you check the link it has absolutely no info

Id be vey weary of using this or giving them my email let alone downloading anything from crypthol


If bitcoin drops and alt coins drop… wouldnt not make sense we would get more for our money if we can buy alt with fiat


Hey gilchoi! Molly from CoinCorner here. I know this is an old post now, but if you’re from the UK/Europe, you can deposit fiat (GBP/EUR) to buy crypto (BTC/ETH/LTC/XRP) with us :slight_smile:


If you find cryptocurrency exchange which does not allow you to buy coins and tokens, but only exchange one to another it could be that its is unreliable.
As well, transactions within blockchain are in general irreversible. Therefore there is a risk, that such exchange could scam its users.
This is why it is reasonable to use exchanges which allow you to make purchases via credit/debit cards, as only most reliable crypto exchanges meet the safety standards as imposed by Visa or Mastercard.
And please expect, that such exchanges always will require their customers verification.