Why does hashrate drop when using multiple RX570 cards?

When using only 1 rx570 4gb (micron memory) I will get 30mh/s (using Trixx)

After i’ve connected 2 more identital gpu, hashrate will drop to 27mh/s

Can anyone explain why this happends?

I’ve been told to look after “crossfire” in the radeon settings,
but i can’t find any setting named “crossfire” though…

I’ve also tried each card specific, and as long as only one card is connected, i will get 30mh/s

Help would be appreciated greatly!

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What is Trixx? Never heard of this.

What size power supply are you using?

Crossfire I think is under game settings here is a link on how to find it

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I have Trixx setup on the AMD rig. I’m not sure why the second GPU would cause it to drop 3 mh/s though. What size PSU?

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Trixx is a program for OC (overclocking) just like MSI afterburner

im using 2 x corsair rm750w

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Using 2pcs of corsair rm750w

the thing that’s strange is that i can’t find anything named “crossfire” in the radeon display-settings

i’ve checked under “global settings” in the game-category to

also… im using a mod-file for MSI RX 570 4gb (micron) but i have the 8gb version of gpu

though i get 30mh/s using only 1 gpu, when having more connected the hashrate drops på 26-27

anyone who have the same memory, and can share their mod-file?

i currently have 1110 on gpu clock & 2000 on memory clock

what settings do you have?

on my 3 gpu i get 26.6 / 27.5 / 27.5 mh/s

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I gladly take advice, suggestions and so on in this matter :wink:

Whats your PSU wattage?

EDIT: NVM sorry so its 2x 750W?

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Trixx is sapphires OC program

yes correct, i have 2 psu from corsair, 750w each

connected thru a regular psu sync

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does ayone have a good mod for msi 570 8gb micron memory?

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ok how is everything connected?

Is all 3 GPU’s on a sperate PSU or is one gpu on 1 PSU and the others on the secondary?

Also how are you connecting your cards are you utilizing only the 8 pin and not the extra 6 pin?

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I assume you are running Windows, in which case, do this:


Let me know if the hash rates are ok afterwards.


Mike Fishy

PS> You should have used Linux :slight_smile:


yepp win10

im not so good on linux

im gonna try the thing you suggested and tell you what happends…

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2 gpu is connected to 1 psu (and that goes for all 6 gpu)

im using both 8 + 6 pin
thats why i need 3 psu, i ran out of connections…

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well im stuck at step 7 in the guide…

ive downloaded the sql service manager-thing, and opened the application…

but im not sure on where i find the thing to copy, and where from -in to the “lock pages memory option”

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To me it seems like a power bottle neck.

If you use just the 8 pin you cant OC the cards the extra 6 pin is what gives it the extra power.

to me it seems like the issue is power somewhere either the PSU’S or the power coming from the wall is not strong enough.

Its hard to tell.


well im using both the 6pin + 8pin currently

now im getting 76mh/s on 3 cards total, and on the 4th i get 30mh/s

so it goes higher, but takes a while…

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