Why Im Bullish on ICX for the next 24-48 Hours



Here is the four hour chart. It is above the 13 EMA, VWAP and the 50 day MA! It’s around even on the CandeMO so there is a lot of room to grow! Anyways I just entered a position at .2930! Happy Trading yall! Will update here in the next 8 hours or so and keep you updated :slight_smile: Have a mental stop at .2755!

Would love some devils advocate on how I could be wrong :slight_smile:


Moved to the Technical Analysis sections as I think it’s best suited there :slight_smile: .

It looks like it currently just started an uptrend (as per the the Ichimoku Cloud) on the daily, so we might be seeing some interesting action. We haven’t had any significant pull back since the February 6th, so stop losses might be a good idea just in case.


While it does look to be trading above the daily 50 MA, it is still well below the daily 200 MA.

However, indications are there that it might have a good run, but not over a weekend where it is generally a low volume time.

So I say you are right, but I would look a bit more forward to Late Sunday evening or very early Monday morning for that uptick to start really kicking in - ie: 72 hours.

The volume today is looking much higher that normal across multiple CDAs. So some might have a short run today, followed by a consolidation over the weekend, then next week is where I think we could see more positive action at least until Wednesday when the CBOE BTC Futures contract period ends.

Stay Fishy


Up 13% yall! Hope everyone got a little bit of profit :slight_smile: or at least swing traded :slight_smile: