Why I'm glad I was laid off from a traditional company and look forward to Blockchain industries!

Hi all and Happy Monday! Who else looks forward to Monday’s? Well… I do! Why is that you ask? Simple, because it is a new week to start finding new ops in the blockchain/crypto space. For the past two weeks, I have been testing out the Celsius Network application as well as Dropil’s Jade bot service and profited 5%!

Also, if you haven’t read my oldie but a goodie blog, please share your feedback!

Ever had that sinking feeling, after working for a company for more than five plus years that your number and time might be up? You try desperately try to accomplish every single task, job, assignment, and duties event outside of your requirements; just to show that your worth, but come to find out you’re being let go for unknown reasons…

Well, I won’t have to worry about that any longer!

My history with blockchain and cryptocurrency started during Super Bowl weekend of 2018, which is a fascinating story actually. Although, I did have prior knowledge of Bitcoin a few years ago, I just recently opened my eyes to the sheer potentials of this tech. Many of us might know a slither of what Bitcoin is; only because of the media buzzing how it’s used for nefarious deeds and that the mysterious dark web is a place for “hackers” and “bad guys”, but that’s really not the case. Had I not been brainwashed and been self-aware to research and make my own unbiased decision of this emerging phenomenon, I’d be helping more people much sooner!

Ok, so back to the story… On my way to Vegas to celebrate Super Bowl LII, my good friend opened my eyes to Cryptocurrency , ICO’s and Blockchain tech. Discussing and keeping each other entertained in conversation during the trip had me excited and curious none-the-less. With all the information I had gathered, I did not hesitate that upcoming week to watch one of the most popular video on YouTube about ICO’s, yes; Ian Balina’s ICO video and other topics about the subjects I had learned.

Quickly, I became addicted to this marvelous technology. Imagine, a world that can globally be financially independent from centralized authority, dictators or corrupt minds. We call this a financial revolution and Blockchain will prevail to allow people to bank the unbanked!

Simple Blockchain diagram

Since day one of finding out about this new tech, which is also referred to as “Web 3.0” , I’ve been studying how blockchains work for assets, securities, commodities, data and much more! Smart contracts adds a new level of complexity and sophistication to the mix and essentially takes verbal or archaic paper contracts and translates them to digital code that can be executed when certain agreement(s) are met. Amazing, huh? Imagine, a future with self-executing A.I. and companies to make our lives easier!

The most entertaining aspect of this whole new craze is investing and/or trading. Why invest? Well, imagine if you could travel back in time and find a trust-worthy broker to take your $100 and buy you Amazon.com stocks. Did you close your eyes for a few seconds imagine the possibilities? With Bitcoin, which once upon a time was worth mere pennies and has grown in value faster than any other stock and certain Altcoins, such as Litecoin, we all have a chance to turn back the clocks and live the life we can dream of.

All-time market cap for cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is quickly approaching the 10th anniversary! Satoshi Nakamotointroduced the inception of the Bitcoin white paper for people to take back control. The vision, simplicity and transparency of this gift is something that should and will be mass adopted not by developed countries (the U.S. is slower than molasses), but by the people in countries who need to break the mold of tyranny and oppression (Africa and Venezuela, we’re watching you) ;).

With all the information I’ve gathered throughout the months, all the bad and good trades I’ve endured, as well as meeting interesting people that I’ve had the pleasure of networking with, I truly see the future brighter and richer. I like to think that my attention span runs for three to five years in a specific interest, topic and skill set, so if I’m not challenged, then I fall victim to societies “feeling too comfy” disease. This new emerging Blockchain era has sparked a renowned interest inside of me because of all the potentials and speculations surrounding it. All the hard work is paying off, I’ve managed to assemble a team of experienced Blockchain and Cryptocurrency investors who also share the passion to begin a non-profit company.


Our mission and goal is to remove the blind folds off the people and show them how their data is worth value (remember receiving a paycheck for your stolen Facebook data?), become their own bank (why can you only withdraw $300 at the ATM?), and to empower themselves without corruption (let’s always trust the government, right?)!

I and many others alike, will be devoted to sharing: news, information and provide educational materials to learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. You can start buy joining our Meetup.com group and follow us on various social media outlets to begin learning and staying up-to-date. We’re at the fore-front of this discovery and as the saying goes, “Technology can’t be stopped!”

Thank you and let’s change the future one Blockchain at a time!


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