Why is HitBTC fees so high?



I bought a small amount 8.97 of Veritasium and HitBTC wants 1 whole Veri to take them out (right now that is $35. bucks… yikes) Is this normal? And now with my remaining ETH I traded for 10000. Dent coins and when I go to move them out they, HitBTC wants a flat fee of -4418. Yikes this site is pretty crazy in fees.
thanks so much for any help,

So update. HitBTC did take 4418 of the 10000 Dent, but didn’t take any of the 8.97 Veri. Have no idea why


HitBtc fees are not updated nearly as often as they should be. They tend to set fee prices when the coin first launches and it takes a long time to go back and change it when it blows up. I’ve learned to avoid certain exchanges like Shitbtc for similar reasons. They have several shady things going on.


thanks so much for your comment. I’m going to wait till this evening and then just get them out.


updated the transfer


Stay away from HitBtc mate, It’s labeled shady by many in the space and I also had a bad experience with them not being able to withdraw my funds.


thanks so much CrytoHaze, I’ll check it out. I appreciate John McAfee for what he does.



Guys, has anything changed with infamous exchange? I want to start accumulating one shitcoin and apparently hitBTC is the only centralized exchange with this certain coin. I’ve calculated my withdrawal fee and with my budget it’s reasonable to withdraw after more than half of the year accumulating. Does not sound convincing. Any ideas?


Dunno. IMO, quite ordinary fees. Just depends on your personal trading vollume and market situation.


if you trade high volumes, it’s the cheapest exchange


I don’t know why would anyone risk high volumes with Hitbtc when you have much better and safer options.