Why Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' Might Give Bitcoin Winners Nvidia and AMD a Boost

The much-anticipated Hollywood film, Ready Player One, could give graphics card makers such as Nvidia and AMD another boost.

That comes at a time when both companies have already been soaring thanks to a booming gaming industry and excitement over cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Shares of Nvidia have risen nearly 26% since the start of the year, while shares of AMD have risen 11%. The S&P 500 in comparison has risen nearly 3%.

“We think the Steven Spielberg-directed movie Ready Player One, which is scheduled for release on March 29, could be a catalyst for NVDA and AMD,” wrote Jefferies analyst Mark Lipacis in a note Monday. “The movie depicts a future dystopian society where everyone either lives or escapes into a virtual world called the OASIS. We believe that the movie will drive sales of [virtual reality] headsets that require high-performance GPUs from NVDA and AMD.”

Jefferies also noted however, that the bank is “not sure” the movie will have any impact on the two companies’ sales.

Both the movie, and the note, come at a time when virtual reality headsets have yet to take off. Consumers still report motion sickness using the product, while content for the headsets remains sparse.

Still, major tech companies are pushing ahead, seeking cheaper, and better ways of making VR headsets. Consider Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset for mobile phones used to power VR headsets, or the Mi VR headset from Facebook’s Oculus VR unit.

via Fortune:


I just finished reading this book a couple days ago. I hope the movie does it justice.


Anybody reckon it’s possible to actually run a Ready Player One VR world that vast and fast on Blockchain (or something similar like tangle) technology? Looking for evidence though, not just a yay or nay.

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Let us know what you find.

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Just watched the movie and it was freaking awesome! Large parts of the movie was different from the book, which I read 4 years ago, but it was still as good as the book. 9.5/10 :star:


I just got back from the cinema too. Turned out good even so it was different from the book. My wife and kids hadn’t read the book but loved it.


Its an MMO basically in VR. World of Warcraft + VR could be done right now.

The only thing to fix motion sickness is a walking platform, or movement platform. I got it really bad playing gorn, I felt like I was physically being moved around, but mentally if that makes sense. Once they fix that VR will be perfect.

Honestly if it weren’t for that I would still own an Oculus Rift.

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I watched this last night and it was really good. Saw a lot of crypto references, a brief clip said “Oasis coin the new dollar?.” The visuals were great as well, was thinking a lot about the recent demos of RayTracing from Nvidia and how graphic quality has come just since Ive been into Pc building and crypto (not long). I can’t wait for VR to make more leaps towards advanced levels of realism!

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The problem is the motion sickness. There needs to be actual movement of the limbs, no wires, and the ability to smell the environment you are in. As well as wind or explosions simulation, back in the day they had this vest that would simulate gunshots, I never did see if for sale though.

Give it 10 years and we might be there. Graphics wise we have the power now. Now they just need to add more immersion stuff. Hell, even offer whole room setups custom to what you want, sort of like a theme park ride experience.


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