Why We Started CryptoCommons, A Shared Crypto Workspace Starting in NYC



Someone in NYC on the Pub needs to go check this place out (and report back)!

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WeWork is crushing it. Galvanize is crushing it. I’m a huge fan of Work-Bench for enterprise focused companies. It doesn’t get hipper than Neue House. In other words, there is no shortage of cool co-working spaces in Manhattan.

That said, what most co-working space lacks is a strong community. That’s why WeWork bought Meetup, to build it’s community. Because whatever industry your working in, community is becoming increasingly important.

But nowhere is community more important than it is in Crypto, where the strength of a project’s community is a major factor driving success and failure. So when we began our search for office space for CryptoOracle, we wanted a location with a strong Crypto community. CryptoNYC and Buro HQ have spaces in lower Manhattan, but those aren’t convenient locations given where the seven current CryptoOracle employees live.

So after a few weeks looking at other options, we decided that if we didn’t want to settle, we needed to start open our own Crypto shared workspace.

So like we do with all of our new businesses, the first step is finding a partner to work with. We quickly found our way to the remarkable Amol Sarva, Founder of Knotel, the pioneer of HaaS (Headquarters-as-a-service). It’s a great concept that is growing rapidly. We’re excited to be partnering with Knotel as we roll out CryptoCommons around the world.

CryptoCommons Opens in NYC At 655 Madison (at 60th)

The 14th floor at 655 Madison is a GREAT place to start. The 8,000 square foot space is beautiful (see photo at top), with a tremendous amount of light, and a large number of offices and conference rooms to go with the open floor space.

The space has two other remarkable attributes

A wrap around terrace adds significantly to the ambience of the shared workspace. I’s a great place to go for a phone call, or to have a meeting while taking in some rays.

Summer parties to follow.

A Pond In Central Park A Block From CryptoCommons

CryptoCommons is just one block away from glorious Central Park, the greatest place on earth for walking meetings. As LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner recently wrote “ It’s energizing to get outside for a 30-minute walk a few times a day. In addition to the obvious fitness benefits, this meeting format eliminates distractions, so I find it to be a much more productive way to spend time.” — Jeff Weiner

Building The CryptoCommons Community

We consider ourselves “community first” Crypto VCs. So building Crypto communities is in our DNA. With the CryptoMondays Shanghai Meetup launching June 25th, that community building effort is now in 20 cities:

Crypto tenants are moving in to CryptoCommons, starting with Pulse Lab, which accelerates projects within the crypto industry while simultaneously expanding the CryptoCurve ecosystem. By providing a strong foundation and defining a core set of standards, Pulse connects Crypto projects to a vibrant constellation of advisors, partners, and investors (Pulse is currently reviewing applications for their founding class at projects@pulselab.io and will be closing applications soon.)

When asked why Pulse Lab Founder chose to office at CryptoCommons, Ben Murray, Pulse Lab Founder and CEO eloquently said that “Entrepreneurial collaboration is a catalyst in the crypto/blockchain space, so it only makes sense that we chose to office at CryptoCommons. Our client base already includes a growing number of companies for whom we are investors and advisors in the Crypto community. If you’re serious about making groundbreaking advances and deepening your understanding — not only disrupting but putting it all back together again in creative ways — you have to put yourself in an environment where exchanging ideas with others will ratchet up your thinking. That’s why we chose to office at CryptoCommons”.

Ben…we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Be a part of theCryptoCommons community by renting space (email charles@cryptooracle.io), or just come for a visit. We’re at 655 Madison (at 60th), 14th floor. The wrap around terrace is waiting for you.


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