Will bitcoin be the monetary black hole?


Max Keiser seem to think so, if this is to be true we are a long way off to that reality. As i see it, email has not eliminated the Post Office, online shopping has not eliminated the brick and mortar Stores, and Cryptocurrency will not eliminate Banks in our lifetime, Fiat will have just a mild disruption, but perhaps in 50 to 100 years that statement may be true…https://news.livecoinwatch.com/max-keiser-bitcoin-btc-to-surpass-100000-as-monetary-black-hole/


But… email currently lives even with the postal service?
Bitcoin won’t take over all financials… and will live happily in tandem with them… for now.

Cryptos tho… it’s a better monetary policy and system. It’ll win the long game.

We’ll probably be dead.


Yup! that’s for sure. We are both living in times of lots of paradigm shifts, and Bitcoin is probably the biggest one, i’m sitting back observing the damage its doing to people’s Psyche. it’s reminding me of when i was a freshman in college, i purchase a drafting table to do my design studio assignments at home, the next year as a sophomore i had a desktop computer sitting on that said drafting table doing my studio designs with AutoCad…Today AutoCad is the industry standard for Architects, learning from that reality, i am “HODL” till the day i die…Because Bitcoin Will Win!